No way

Committing all your spare time to defending everyone ,every second of every day is fine if you don't need sleep, but for those who do. well, you would probably go insane or self destruct.

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Here's a few

I want Dead girl back and maybe the Great lakes avengers. As for DC , I want more of the Shade,the guy has a lot more to give even if just a mini or two.

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Poor poor petey parker, guy just can't catch a break. Just look at the highlights:Gwen Stacey, Green Goblin ,Venom,clone saga,one more day,spider-man chapter one. Not to mention Norman Osborn runs the country now (basically).

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the boys

Without a doubt the boys by garth ennis and darick robertson two of the people responsible for my two of my all time favorite comics (Preacher & Transmetropolitan respectivley).

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