Generation X: Where Are They Now?

...or at least, where are the ones that're still alive? And/or the graves of those we've lost. -_- I just wanted something to bring them all together again, even if it's just a list. Feel free to suggest additions, I'm probably missing stuff.

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Posted by Meteorite

Man, I really want Jono to go back to being Chamber.

Posted by John Valentine
@Meteorite said:
" Man, I really want Jono to go back to being Chamber. "
As do I.
Posted by daredeville

@Meteorite: Ay, ay to that too. I also want just want to be reading stories with him in them again...!

Posted by papad1992

Like ur list!! I think only the girls (Husk, M, and Jubilee) are the only ones from Gen X that are really getting any type panel time!!

Posted by Starleafgirl

@Meteorite: @John Valentine: @daredeville: Rejoice! Jono will be in X-Men: Legacy #264 on Mar. 21, 2012; and he was repowered due to Age of X last year.

@papad1992: Thanks! :) Yeah, and not even my favorite girl (Penance) is getting panel time. So sad. :x

Posted by daredeville

@Starleafgirl: Hey! That's funny you just replied to my comment.. as I just noticed you on CBR yesterday in one of the SHSO threads, and gave you props for the Penance icon! And I hadn't even realized you were the person who's list I had commented on a couple months ago... oh, what a small (internet) world..!

Anyway, very happy to hear that Chamber will be appearing in X-Men Legacy! I knew I could depend on Christos Gage to feature him. That guy is a hero to many an under-rated character. And I know he will be written with pathos and care by Gage... pretty much the reason I started reading Legacy. AND very happy to hear he is re-powered. Now if only we could see Synch raised from the dead, I'll be a happy little Gen X fan.

Posted by Starleafgirl

@daredeville: I thought I should finally get around to it here, hehe. :) And ohh, that was you?? Thanks! That's great! World of Generation X fans being small for the win. ;-) I agree, I have major respect for Gage for many things, but most especially Angel & Faith. I really hope he features Chamber a lot; there's no question that it'll be done well, whatever amount Chamber's in Legacy under Gage's pen. I agree, Synch, Skin, and Banshee should come back... who stays dead in comics anyway?? I think the easiest way would be to have Gaia bring them back -- she owes Synch for coming back for her when she was chained to that rock, I don't see why she wouldn't warp reality to bring him back.