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These are the favorites for which I'd buy a comic, potentially.

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Posted by Maniac2312

Some good stuff here.  Now I'm kinda wanting to pick up more books with Phil Urich :/
Posted by 614azrael
Penance/hollow=win lol nice list
Posted by Starleafgirl

@Maniac2312: Thanks! Wonder if you liked the Phil Urich Hobgoblin...? I'm not a huge fan at all, but at least he's in comics sometimes.

@614azrael: Squee, yes, totally! Thanks. ^^ <3

Posted by Maniac2312

Never really saw him while he was the Hobgoblin. Read a bit of him as the Green Goblin then his stint in Spider-Girl.

Posted by infonation

@Starleafgirl: There seems to be some sort of conspiricy against Storm, I know she can come off as pompous but she saved people from famine when she was just a kidso atleast she has an excuse, and yes, I DO want to see her reaction to Kitty's death, even if she is just going to be revived sooner or later!

Posted by Starleafgirl

@infonation: Wow, my Storm comment is REALLY outdated...because Kitty's now alive and running Wolverine's school. XD