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@malachi_munroe said:

: @jonsmith: oh dear..

I'm going to hell for laughing.

I'm laughing at the original post, so... I'll be right there with you. XD

Also, shouldn't this be in the Storm subforum, not General Discussion...? If there are any Mods around, maybe move it? :)

I guess I should point out that we didn't see Storm die on-panel. Manhattan-616 is going to be on Battleworld, so she might end up there, with no memory of how things are actually supposed to be.

Not to mention the fact that we don't know whether there's a magical reset button at the end of Secret Wars that restores Earth-616 and everyone on it. If there was, they sure as heck wouldn't be saying so before Secret Wars is over.

I'd like to believe them when they say that everything ends and everything dies as a result of Secret Wars, but I'm waiting to see what actually happens.

So there's no need to be so upset right now @jhazzroucher, let's just wait and see what happens!

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1- The Avengers

2- Captain America: The Winter Soldier

3- Avengers: Age of Ultron

4- Captain America: The First Avenger

5- Guardians of the Galaxy

6- Thor

7- Iron Man

8- Thor: The Dark World

9- The Incredible Hulk

10- Iron Man 3

11- Iron Man 2

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Yeah I did read it, got through the first 2 pages of the book until I almost puked. Storm's wannabe God-syndrome was nauseatingly irritating. Good thing she's just gonna be a forgettable footnote in comic history after next year HAHAHAHAHAHA.

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Storm if I were you. I think they still have plans for Storm, during Secret Wars or after.

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Colossus. ;D

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I could really go either way on this one. ^_^;;

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@mad_titan said:

@starleafgirl: Not trying to defend this movie or anything, but exactly what in the trailer suggests that this movie might reach green lantern level of mess?

As synack1138 said: Tone and dialogue. Also, they're trying to be funny and it's coming off a little too corny. It's a hokey typical superhero flick and I was expecting more from Marvel.

I could be wrong and it could just be a poorly cut trailer, though. :)

*EDIT/Side Note* Come to think of it, if Edgar Wright had stayed on to make this movie, we might be getting a comedic film with some heart that really works within the superhero genre. As it is, I'm not feeling it.

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This one hurts, since I like them both. ;P

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tone and dialogue are rough. I get the feeling this movie will underperform.

I agree and frankly I'm surprised at all the overly positive comments I'm seeing in this thread.

I mean, it'll probably still do gangbusters business (it's an MCU movie, after all), but this trailer makes me wince and it's not just because I can't stand ants.

It just looks really bad. Really typical superhero stuff with nothing to make it stand out. This trailer actually looks worse than I was expecting and my expectations were already pretty low. I'm sure there will be some good jokes in it, but other than that it seems like a mess. Like... approaching a "Green Lantern" level of mess.

I want it to do well, as I'm fans of the actors involved in it, but I can't help but think it just doesn't look good.