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Of course Storm would win, she's superior in every way. She's received the same X-Men training as Scott, but with greater powers and more hours in the Danger Room with Logan (although I can't promise they were TRAINING the entire time, lol).

I'm sure others have already given better/more in depth arguments for why Storm would win against Cyke (yet again), so I'm just going to leave it at that and say:

+1 vote for Storm, with love from Ororo:

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1. If Wolverine can't do it, probably not, but who knows?

2. Yes. It's not even as strong as Omnium.

3. Yes. Easily.

4. I don't think that's metallic, so... No, probably not.

5. It's a vibranium-adamantium alloy rated as stronger than true adamantium, so probably not. But my own fan-musings are that Penance could cut adamantium given the chance due to her incredible density, so who knows?

6. Yes, it can't even cut through adamantium, so Penny could slice it.

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There's a character I've noticed for a while that used to have over 400 images, but now only the most recent ones (perhaps the only ones added after the relaunch?) show up on the Main Images Page, "All Images" page, and "Penance" tag/subgallery. I've included a list of affected links at the bottom of this post. Today, I've added back a previously uploaded image and it does indeed display properly on the Main Images Page, "All Images" page (and corresponding "Penance" subgallery), however it's also increased the Image count.

Therefore, I'd rather not add back all the images I've uploaded to this character, as it would nearly double the size of the gallery (to 800 images), with only the last 400-or-so of those actually showing up on the page. Is there anything you can do to make the hidden images show up?

There are subgalleries/tags:

All Images - problem displaying images

Penance - problem displaying images

Alternate Earths, Black & White, Fan Art, and Retribution all display properly when you click on their tag names; sometimes you need to refresh the page to see the entire subgallery, so maybe there are other pictures there I just can't see.

The problem seems to be centered on the Penance subgallery, which not-too-coincidentally is also the largest subgallery, along with All Images (obviously). To be clear, images from Alternate Earths, Black & White, etc., are not showing up in All Images unless I specifically add them back now. For instance, I thought there were certain Black & White images that needed to be re-added and those now display properly on All Images.

Let's see, questions answered:

  • What browser? I tried it in Chrome and Internet Explorer, latest versions.
  • What Operating System? Windows 8.1
  • Do you have cookies and javascript enabled or disabled? Enabled.
  • How long has the problem been happening? I think it's been happening since the relaunch...?
  • If this bug is happening on a specific page include a link: Main Images Page, Hollow - All Images, Hollow - Penance
  • Are you seeing any error messages? No.
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Ugh, can't believe regular users can't delete images anymore... and that I just noticed it.

Delete these two images from Omega Sentinel's gallery, please:


(The one that exile_616 added on Wed, May 29 2013.)


(The one that jya666 added on Wed, May 29 2013.)


Reason: I just added one that I think is better quality, so the above two are now duplicates. I also put the image I uploaded into its own new tag/subgallery that reflects the fact that it's another character possessing Omega Sentinel, instead of the true Earth-616 Omega Sentinel.

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Just check the image gallery, you'll find 'em all there. :)

I don't feel like sorting through the gallery to post 'em, but...

In the recent two-part X-Men arc, he sports a costume with a hole in the chest part so he can direct his blasts through it:

His past X-Men Legacy look (ignore the neck):

Then there's his current X-Men Legacy look:

You can also look up his Decibel look, hehe.

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Brian Wood wrote Jubilee very well in Generation X, so I'd expect more of the same snark here. :) In fact, I'm hoping for Jubilee and Kitty Pryde snark-offs, lol.

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The writer of X-Men: Legacy is a fan. :) He's going to be in some issues of it, doing actual X-Men-y things. I don't know if he's in tomorrow's #2 issue, but he's in #3 according to this preview art:

X-Men: Legacy #3
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Why did Bendis have to kill off this great character? It pisses me off to no end. There are very few Marvel characters I'm interested in to begin with. Ah well. Just another reason to hate Bendis.

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Yay for Penance/Hollow!

I would've given all five points to her, too, if I'd known she could actually be in this and I hadn't lost my power due to Hurricane Sandy. Oh well, Top 50's pretty darn good! ^.^