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Ugh, can't believe regular users can't delete images anymore... and that I just noticed it.

Delete these two images from Omega Sentinel's gallery, please:


(The one that exile_616 added on Wed, May 29 2013.)


(The one that jya666 added on Wed, May 29 2013.)


Reason: I just added one that I think is better quality, so the above two are now duplicates. I also put the image I uploaded into its own new tag/subgallery that reflects the fact that it's another character possessing Omega Sentinel, instead of the true Earth-616 Omega Sentinel.

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Just check the image gallery, you'll find 'em all there. :)

I don't feel like sorting through the gallery to post 'em, but...

In the recent two-part X-Men arc, he sports a costume with a hole in the chest part so he can direct his blasts through it:

His past X-Men Legacy look (ignore the neck):

Then there's his current X-Men Legacy look:

You can also look up his Decibel look, hehe.

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Brian Wood wrote Jubilee very well in Generation X, so I'd expect more of the same snark here. :) In fact, I'm hoping for Jubilee and Kitty Pryde snark-offs, lol.

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The writer of X-Men: Legacy is a fan. :) He's going to be in some issues of it, doing actual X-Men-y things. I don't know if he's in tomorrow's #2 issue, but he's in #3 according to this preview art:

X-Men: Legacy #3
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Why did Bendis have to kill off this great character? It pisses me off to no end. There are very few Marvel characters I'm interested in to begin with. Ah well. Just another reason to hate Bendis.

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Yay for Penance/Hollow!

I would've given all five points to her, too, if I'd known she could actually be in this and I hadn't lost my power due to Hurricane Sandy. Oh well, Top 50's pretty darn good! ^.^

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Oh man, that is hilarious! (Not the ancient Spartan practices themselves, just the fact that Leifeld used them as an example for an "THIS GUY MUST BE STRAIGHT!" endorsement). I hope someone's disseminated all these points to Leifeld at some point, 'cos I am totally shaking my head here that he made that statement -- nay, made an entire character -- without knowing.

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How could Wolverine Girl have so many votes? She's so bland, especially compared to Penance. /hates-on-your-favorite-character :x

Still, anything's better than Pixie I guess, lol, or Hope.

1. Penance/Hollow (the best at what she does... lolz. /more-trolling)

2. Jubilee (pretty awesome)

3. X-23 (I don't hate her, I just don't think she's very interesting... still, the fact that she has claws on her hands and feet like Penance scores her some points. Also, the puppy issue in Avengers Academy/X-23's backstory).

4. Shadowcat (NEVER seen the appeal of this character. Don't hate her, but feel Jubilee is far superior)

5. Armor (She's Asian and generally not annoying -- unlike Pixie and Hope -- so I don't hate her)

6. Pixie (Hate her pink-haired self, always stealing opportunities that belong to better characters... though Brian Wood has made her readable, even funny, lately)

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@papad1992: Good points! And I agree, Sage is a good addition, too. Would love to see Chamber and Hollow back on a team together. :D