Mina's Music.

There is not enough I can say about the music I've found here. Where I come from, everyone listens to and makes the same kind of music, devoid of any negative emotions, pessimistic ideas, or political ideology. It's all nice, don't get me wrong, but... there just isn't much variety. That's why I'd like to share some of the music I've come to like in my time as a foreign exchange student. What a wonder it is -- and such creativity!

I have to say, though, that I find it odd that people pay for music here. Where I come from, that would be as profane as paying for sex. Though, where I come from, currency in general is a relic. Hmm.


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Posted by Resonate

OOoooohh, foreign exchange student? I didnt know that, where are you originally from?

Posted by Psysis

You've got great taste in music!

Posted by Starleafgirl

Thank you, Psysis!