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    I tried posting this as a comment on the image in your gallery, but it wouldn't let me. In any case: Hi!
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    Penny's real first word was as Hollow in The Loners miniseries, uttered shortly after kissing Phil Urich. It was "Like."
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    Hi Cale, it's worth noting that this was a word balloon error that wasn't caught in the editing process. This caption was supposed to go to Synch.
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    Of course Storm would win, she's superior in every way. She's received the same X-Men training as Scott, but with greater powers and more hours in the Danger Room with Logan (although I can't promise ...

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    Hi again!
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    1. If Wolverine can't do it, probably not, but who knows?2. Yes. It's not even as strong as Omnium.3. Yes. Easily.4. I don't think that's metallic, so... No, probably not.5. It's a vibranium-adamantiu...

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    Storm #1 - July 2014! Storm's first ongoing.
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