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@the_stegman: Even if Laurel is moody, she is hardly as moody as Oliver. How many episodes have we had him saying he can't let anyone into his life because they always get hurt? Or that he can't be two characters at once? If Laurel is sad that her sister was murdered, she is being moody; Oliver is just so chipper all the time.

I personally feel that Laurel has had an interesting development cycle. She was rather unimportant in season one, she didn't really serve a purpose in season two, and now she is finally starting to do something that doesn't involve Oliver, and that's nice.

Too bad people see her as being moody. She isn't even the one most shaken up by the death of her sister. Instead we focus on how Oliver is feeling about it and he attempts to find the killer. Let Laurel do that, and the while have her start training so she can become the character she is meant to be.

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@husk: I didn't realize Comic Vine had so many box office analysts. Maybe they should be consulting you with all their plans. I mean, it's not like Warner Brothers is a billion dollar company. I'm sure they would like to know that the film they are producing with the most popular comic character is going to bomb because it's now coming out in March.

May I ask, what production studio you work for?

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This is a very even fight to me. I could definitely see Moon Knight winning, but I can also see Green Arrow pulling this one off. You also don't say what his trick arrows are, just that they are limited. If Oliver has some of his better trick arrows, GA wins this one, but if he has like a flash grenade arrow, Moon Knight might be able to win after Ollie is done with the trick arrows.

But hey, I like Green Arrow better so I'm going to say Green Arrow.

But it really only comes down to how they perform in this single fight. If Moon Knight moves flawlessly, while GA makes a few bad moves, MK wins this. But if Oliver moves flawlessly, while Moon Knight stumbles a bit, then Green Arrow has this.

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@jaken7 said:

Andrea Sorrentino on Green Arrow

Second this! Andrea Sorentino is my favorite artist because of this book.

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I don't read a lot of Marvel events but so far Original Sin seems pretty good.

I didn't really like Forever Evil until the end and that single issue sold me on the entire event. Flashpoint was good too.

AVX is something that I want to get around to reading because it looks very cool. Can anyone comment on the actually quality of the event?

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Not feeling that one...

Kid Flash and Wonder Girl?

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@ascended said:

I forgot....... to limit this thread to a certain gender.

...Really? Excluding a gender is going to make this argument more valid? It's stupid no matter who is talking about it. You can't take Spider-Man seriously, well I can't take your argument seriously when you say things like that.

I didn't know there was a rivalry and it does seem a bit silly. Enjoy them for what they brought/bring to the roll.

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Obi-Wan and Bo Katan: Not really... maybe? No.

Raven and Nightwing: I would like to see that. I don't know if I would want it to last a long time but it could be interesting.

Iron Man and Lois Lane?

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