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I'm extremely tired, so hopefully it made sense.

Basically, I tried to tear apart the ships by rapidly alternating their magnetic fields. Also, I'm holding them in a magnetic well to keep them from fleeing.

And I tried to slam two of them onto the alien who's name I'm blanking on thanks to fatigue.

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>whispers< Take that post limit.

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Posted…not so great, but post quality will improve once I get the hang of writing Starheart again.

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Starheart floated a few inches off the ground, watching the various Lanterns walk by. It was mildly surprised that no prior incarnations of the Starheart had encountered them before. There was absolutely nothing in the great database of Sirius B. This was the first encounter…one somewhere beyond the third kind.  
It began when Sirius B had just barely finished constructing the most recent Starheart. This naturally created an immense energy spike, which attracted agents of these Galactic Guardians. They found the Starheart in all its glory…sadly their eyes did not survive. Did they never get told that it was harmful to look directly at the sun? By the time a larger task force had arrived, Starheart's brightness had been dimmed somewhat by its shining golden armor…it was on the brink of eliminating these pesky Guardians, but it tried something new to its programming…negotiation. It was quickly established that this was a misunderstanding, and Starheart had not purposefully blinded the Guardians. As a gesture of peace, Starheart offered to serve on the Guardians for a few centuries…it wasn't much, but that was what Starheart had to offer. 
Since the rings went absolutely crazy around the sentient star, Starheart was quickly accepted. It was offered a ring, but declined…after a minute or so of analysis, Starheart realized it could duplicate all powers of the ring with minimal effort. In fact, the Starheart's major problem during training was that it tended to underestimate its own power. Several training grounds were rendered completely barren, as if multiple nuclear explosions had been tested there. Some of the other rookie lanterns had had to be evacuated. Eventually Starheart realized that these were fragile beings, and it would have to be cautious around them. Once that had been established, Starheart fit into this little organization considerably better. 
Now, Starheart waited for one known as 'Light'. It found the name fairly ironic, considering that this was just some humanoid. In the meantime, Starheart analyzed Oa. It seemed to be manmade. It channeled energy from beings across the galaxies, which then in turn fueled various rings. Starheart noted that it would need to research how this worked more closely. 
It was time to meet light. Starheart quickly floated down the hall, towards a meeting room. Despite the variety of species, Starheart stood out as obviously different. Several of the Galactic Guardians stopped to stare at the Starheart, who payed them no heed. There were few reactions it hadn't seen before. In some cultures it was revered as a god. 
The Starheart reached the meeting room, but Light was not there. "  Did Light say how long he would be?" someone asked. "Negative", replied the Starheart, uninterested. Time meant very little to it, and ten minutes, give or take, was less than the blink of an eye.

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@TheDrifter: ....So this similarity is because I am often blue? I fear your spectrum is very limited, I apologize human.
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@TheDrifter: Who is Doctor Manhattan? I have never heard of such a being. 
(Yeah, for some reason everyone likes Starheart.)