CVU Prime Bio

Character Information


Real Name: Sirius B


: Starheart


: 3 billion, give or take a few million years


: White, blue when angered


: Whitish-yellow

Mass: Infinite


: Thousands of miles compressed to 5'11 in human form


: Explorer

Place of Birth

: Milky Way Galaxy

Base of Operation

s: Solar system that circles star 'Sol'


: Dog Star

Let there be life

In the beginning there was darkness. No, there was not even that. There was a point of something on nothingness, so small as to be nonexistent. Within this speck was the universe. And then something changed. The point of matter exploded outward in a shower of matter and dark matter. The universe formed with the Big Bang. And then, and only then, was there darkness. Dust and darkness. The dust gathered and compacted, and combusted. Stars burned bright. Let there be light! And stars died and created the elements in their passing, iron and phosphorous, and silicon, and everything else. Rock and planets and molten lava took their orbits. Let there be life! And the oceans bubbled and boiled in the primordial stew, and a root anchored itself in dry rock. Billions and billions and billions of years and our universe was as we know it now. And the stars still live and die and the dark matter lurks, and at the reaches of distant galaxies life still leaves the nurturing nutrient soup of the ocean for the less crowded terra incognita.

The original Starheart

The stars know, the stars watch. Most are happy to wait until their time when they shall go back to blazing dust. Not Sirius B, the dog star. It wants to KNOW. And so it created an avatar for itself, the Starheart. And the Starheart watches and learns, and occasionally intervenes. Now it is on Earth, that little blue/green orb circling the yellow single star Sol. It was here that the Starheart found its voice, for it no longer will passively watch and learn. The Starheart wants to create a utopia and create a civilization that even the stars will envy. And if it fails there are other planets, other times, other galaxies.

But even stars can overextend their reach. The Starheart found this out the hard way: it took on the Slypherian known as Michael the Fly, and met its demise in the hungry maw of a black hole.

After the demise of the previous Starheart, star Sirius B shortened its own life by several millions of years to create a new Starheart: this one would not be a 'program'. It would be capable of free thought, in order to more quickly adapt to situations. Still untested, this Starheart joined a new team, the Galactic Guardians, in order to learn more about the universe which it inhabits.

Now the sea beats against the rocky shore. Foam stains the smooth cliffs and the waves beat rhythmically, the surface turmoil concealing the still dark depths. This is the cradle of life, that which cannot be abandoned or ignored. The moon pulls on the invisible strings of the tidal puppet and watches the waves dance. Its silver laughter shines on the clear facets of the waves, there one minute gone the next. The cliff is a tranquil place, green grass reaching out its tiny leaves towards the uncaring heavens. A light shines there tonight, golden and bright. A living lighthouse guiding the ships away from harm. Towards this light the silent night-flowers bloom, pale petals unfurling to partake of the moon's light. And the sunflowers as well, for the light encompasses all. The Starheart is here, deep in meditation, a being of the heavens.

The new Starheart

It gradually lets consciousness slip away into the wavelengths. First the radio waves. The babble of voices.

At 2:30 this morning neighbors were startled by a sudden shot as....road work at the I-95, should be cleared by rush hour...classical music, preludes and nocturnes...and a rappers voice screams into the void...Yankees to play against the White Sox tomorrow, rain expected but....

the babble fades away as the great star spirals into itself. Microwaves pulse in the heavens, radiation and poison. Now the world glows in ultra-violet light, tracks upon flowers and streaks of color in the sky...ROYGBIV, humanity's outlook onto the world, which for a moment seems bright. An LSD dream, colors blazing against a pitch-black sky....and the infrared, the colors of life contrasting against the cold waters below...and the X-rays make the shadows stand out against the still skeletons of the night. Nirvana is near, the wavelength bridge is almost complete. Cosmic rays now, and the Starheart's mind is free. It merges with Sirius B and the avatar and star are one once more. Starheart confronted its own self with the doubts that plagued it.

What shall I do, for in this world of fleeting phantoms I am the only pillar. For am I the shepherd or am I the wolf? And do I merely toil for naught as our sister-star fades to red?

The questions of a being with the weight of a world on its shoulders, the knowledge of a galaxy. What is the meaning of life to a being that watches life pass?

Let them know our name, let them bow once more at our feet, for we shall bring them to nirvana and they shall sing praises to the light.

And the bridge had been crossed the gate closed, but there was still an abyss. Starheart's mind teetered on the brink of the Gamma rays. The immense energy as galaxies were consumed in the maelstrom of the black holes. And then everything faded away, and silence reigned.

Starheart opened its fiery eyes and looked out over the waters. A sheet of shattered black glass, constantly shifting. And even now light poured over the brink of the horizon. Nurturing Sol greeting her children once more. On the other side of the world she bid them farewell as Earth turned. The sky put away the void and spread colors across the ceiling of Earth's nursery. Humanity was so fragile...and now the star rose above the horizon, white light signifying that all would be well. Another day had dawned. The red blood of dawn had faded and All. Would. Be. Well.

And with the aid of the Galactic Guardians, keeping Starheart's scorching tendencies in check, perhaps all WILL be well.


Mass control

: Starheart can raise its mass up to that of Sirius B. This had the effect of creating its own gravitational field.

Solar Energy

: Starheart can release huge blasts of solar energy, capable of frying most anything.

Elemental transfusion

: Starheart can convert any elements lighter than iron into any other element lighter than iron. This is a last resort.


: Starheart can create up to 10,00 clones, each of which contains a fraction of power. The more clones, the weaker each is. It uses this power very, very rarely.

Light manipulation

: All bands of the spectrum


Starheart's armor is of a metal totally unique in the universe. It is taken from another, dead, universe, where everything finally contracted into a super-dense material. It does not melt, allowing it to contain Starheart without its energy annihilating everything in the vicinity.

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