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Map the Stars

For millions of years, ever since humanity has looked to the sky, they have seen the North Star looking down on them. As long as the sky is clear, it will not lead you wrong. This is Polaris, part of the Ursa Minor constellation. A triple star, the three cores act as neurons, intensifying the computational power of the system. As such, Polaris has been elected as a 'protector grade' star: capable of non-programmed thought (unlike the digital binary stars, or inert singular), Polaris is to aid lifeforms who lack the guidance of their own star. This includes the solar system containing Venus, Earth, and the moon Europa. As is traditional, Polaris did not provide direct interference, rather acting as a beacon, sign of hope, and compass for all those who are lost.

But the stars are changing, and malign constellations press in. Dark matter pulls at the fabric of space, reaching corruption into the fragile visible universe. More steps would have to be taken to defend fragile life against forces beyond comprehension.

And so Polaris siphoned a fraction of its energy into several vessels, and sent them to each planet under its protection. Each of these entities would act as a direct guardian and advance scout; it would keep an eye out for threats, and summon reinforcements if need be. It would also take care of smaller issues on the planets themselves, the various day-to-day struggles of organic life.

But just in case, the scouts would collect cultures, learn as much as they could, and store the information back in the gigantic computational systems of Polaris.

And so a Starheart came to Earth. A largely blank slate, it searched for guidance in this land below the North Star. It searched for weapons against the underlying darkness of the universe...and perhaps enlightenment.

Somewhere in the universe there has to be an answer.

Physiology and Powers

The Starheart has been constructed to largely match the structure of the sentient life forms of the planet it has been sent to. This includes a human nervous system, and largely organic body. However, the vascular system contains a plasma substance similar to the sun's corona. It has a generally interior body temperature of several thousand degrees C, around 100 degrees C skin temperature.

The Starheart is capable of gravity manipulation, the generation and utilization of all light spectrums, and the generation of incredible heat. At the risk of depleting its own energy stores, it can convert elements up the periodic table as long as they have a lower number than iron. Starheart is also capable of swift movement or flight, though due to the limits of its body and fear for setting the atmosphere aflame it generally limits this.

If mortally wounded, the Starheart would go nova.


Starheart wears a containment armor to help regulate its powers. This armor is constructed of polonium and argon, and is completely and utterly inert. The radioactivity is cancelled out by the noble gas. As a result, it is hard to break or shape, and it remains at a constant temperature.


Name used: Starchylde

Biological Age: 15

Gender: All/None

Height: 5'4"

Hair: White

Eyes: Gold (can spectrum shift)