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I just want "Laura" to win in her struggle against "X-23". Where she can start to enjoy life and live as a human being (or at least like a casual mutant) and stop being used as a weapon. Though this is her biggest struggle, and as soon as it happens, the character would suddenly have very little meaning. So as much as I cheer Laura on to become normal, I know it's never going to happen.

Otherwise, I'm with the rest of you guys: I'd like her to get more recognition. I'd love for more X-23-focussed comics, more cameos in games and television shows, maybe even play a part in the next Wolverine movie that's supposedly coming out. Heck, if they could do it right, I'd love to see an X-23 movie (but ONLY if they could do it right-- there's a lot they could screw up, and I'd hate to see an X-23 movie where they screwed it up).

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Love her in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Not only is she my favourite character, but she's also my best character to play. They kinda screwed up how she looks on the character-select screen (seriously she looks like she just snorted 3 lines of coke), but otherwise throughout the game she looks really pretty, and moves how I'd expect her to. She's just an all-around great character, too. Able to dish out wicked damage and suitable for all 3 slots in a team.

Laura in X-Men Evolution was really well done as well. I'm kinda glad they made her look different in the comics, but she was still a great character. And the two episodes with her in it made the whole series truly worth watching. Her in "Wolverine and the X-Men" was awful. The way she's portrayed and how Wolverine responds to her just seems so unrealistic and hard to swallow.

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@FourthDeity said:

@Stammer6: Do you have any info about what comic she's currently in?

im starting to worry shes going to be nuked :/

her and doom are the only reasons I read comics, and I refuse to have one without the other

Finally started reading X-Force. Slowly getting there lol. I heard she's in Avengers Acedemy and that they're really screwing her up in it. Pretty disappointing to hear that.

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@fernandezluigi said:

Dude I'm freaking jealous! Why? Because I want to do that to Laura!

lol I think you speak for any one of her fans when you say that.

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Unless it were a real Pinball table I think I'd pass. I don't own a 360 so I couldn't buy it anyway, but I don't think I would even if I could.

If it actually had some cool stuff to do with her, I think I'd care a lot more. But she doesn't talk, she doesn't move. She's just a stationary, two-dimensional image on the backdrop of a pinball table. An image that's half-blocked-out by objects on the pinball table, I might add lol.

Still, I will admit it's a cool cameo. The more recognition the better I suppose.

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I'm not going to debate who the guy is in the picture, all I know is it's adorable. One of the best fan-drawn versions of Laura I've ever seen.

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Yeah, it's definitely all a matter of opinion and perspective. Everyone defines other people differently. As an example, I personally can't remember a person's hair, and would never recognize them based on it, but certain features in the face (eyes being a big deal) really stand out for me.

Everything I've ever seen Laura in up to this point (except NYX, but f*** the NYX) I've been able to recognize her character. Even though every comic is a different art style, I still see her character. And just from my perspective, I can't see Laura in that Bishoujo figurine. I think it's great that people do like it, and I wish I did. Oh well. There'll be others to choose from in the future, I'm sure.

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Everything is fine except for the face. It looks too serene.

I get that Laura isn't always in a negative mood, but this model looks like she's never had a bad day in her life. The smile and the eyes look really "off" to me.

It's not completely awful, but I'm not sure if I'd ever want one. I love Laura, but I don't think I'd even show this off if I got it for a present, let alone drop $60 for one.

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Saoirse Ronan? Yeah I could live with her as Laura, too! She's a great age, has a similar body type and face to what I'd imagine Laura would have. And yeah, I can see her acting the part well too.

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I appreciate everything from the waist down... not so much the top, but even that's not all that bad.

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