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@omertalvendetta: I don't think that phrase really applies here, since you already directly called me dickish. That's used for much more subtle personal attacks. Subtle and indirect. 
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@Emperor Gonzo Noir: I agree, but also, it wasn't far from being created in any way. I think the public had access to it since the 70s. 

@omertalvendetta: I would say calling me dickish is a way of attacking me in one shape, form or as you might say way. I wasn't trying to create constructive criticism, I was just pointing out a factual error in this, whatever this is. 
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@AFArtist1973: I don't think G-Man has read Dark Reign, one of his previous ramblings about evil something completely ignored the fact that the tag line for that was "He Lost. They Won" More importantly, he is treating them as real people, wagging his finger at plot lines. If a writer wants a group of evil people working together to succeed, they will succeed. 
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@omertalvendetta: He said " and the internet was far from being created" not "not many knew of the internet before 1990"
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The internet was around in the 70, unless this movie came out in the 60s, the internet was not, in any way, far from being created. 

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Isn't the latter half of the article rehashed versions of previous articles by you? Astute observations of the concept though, especially the bit about mask hair. I think most robbers in masks are caught by their mask hair. Those silly people, them. Alright, I'm going to go commit identity fraud now! Thanks for the ideas! Especially the "try to be rich" one. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!     

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 @G-Man: The forum has a very specific title, your latest podcast. Its not a "Podcast" forum, its a "This week's CV podcast" forum. You mentioning other podcasts would make sense, but you are not doing that here. You COULD have a "Comic Book Podcast roundup" forum, which would involve discussion on other podcasts.  But you are simply linking to the PODCAST page, people who are not used to that page are still being directed to that page. You aren't providing an embedded stream, or a direct download. 

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Isn't having a forum about the podcast a bit redundant? Especially an anchored forum? On the main forums page? There's already a special place for the podcasts and their discussions.