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6 for cute.. 

how rate u on the worlds most powerful telepath charles Xavier. 
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iv truly not decided about this battle..but do consider the fact tat voldermort even without the elder wand is as yet undefeated in magical combat barring the PIS in the buks... morgaine cant just DISARM him wenever she wants...

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ok..He who must not be named is at full power and has the elder wand..i mean truly owns it now..the wand has chosen him .nd he has his horcruxes...and the oter 2 deathly hallows..the ring tat can brin back the dead (or an imitaion) and the true invisibility cloak...the fight takes place on an uninhabited island... with thick vegetation... 
-MORALS OFF(obviously) 
-FIGHT TO THE DEATH(morgaine has to destray all the horcruxes to win) 
-post valid comments with reasons... 
Voldemort  VS Morgaine le fey

 bad boy voldy,,"morgaine who..imma melt tat mask off tat withered face"
 morgaine... "age b4 ugly"
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superman at his best wud be superman prime.tat gold superman prime  dude..whose battle with the white phoenix of the crown was kind of undecided btw.... but this isnt superman at his best...still i dont see one gud reason anywer..i havent made up my mind yet..GIVE SPECIFIC SCENARIOS WER HIGH EVO BEATS SUPERMAN...i mean like does he drain his powers...get him into a red star..pummell him ??

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cud go both ways..will c oter opinions b4 commenting..but how exactly cud evoolutionary harm superman??

#6 Posted by ssstarquin (64 posts) - - Show Bio takers 4 the magician..i actually thought circe wud be the weaker 1 here... a man who was able to fool xavier nd jean..while battling everybody else... 

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well..i dont know whom u think im spiteful against as i think ther both equally powerful magicians and i wud like to c who wud win here..IMO what powers circe has in magical prowess is compensated by the reality warping and magical resistant powers of magician....somebody who was powerful enugh to erase xaviers mind...

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The dc marvel universe have clashed again when circe hears of the mutant magician and decides to turn him into a golden retriever to do her bidding....obviously the magincian might not lap tat up without a who will win... ???

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ya .. but its not so much as killing as incapacitating prime.. he can be bought back right???but greater agility ,more analytical , nd jarvis for support.. i think stark can just make it if he gives it his all.. and i guess it comes down to how much damage ,his strongest weapon ,tat laser will do...??

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the presence??? solos dont u think.. if the one above all is included in cosmic entities..then its a draw..