Bring Jean/scott together again!!

Im sry if ur all over da whole bring jean/scott together but i just started reading 4m da past 1.5 yrs or so.. nd its really gut wrenching 2 see these 2 broken apart...i mean i even got over nightcrawler nd jason todd but this...
Is marvel in anyway influenced by popular public opinion..or is da public opinion right now against jean/scott..or r they still waitin 4 2013 or somethin...if so this is wat i wud desperately like 2 convey to them..i know its a bit corny..:P

dear marvel team,im a fairly recent reader in terms of your outstanding longlasting infant by your standards.just 1 nd half yrs..i guess i always thought it was kids stuff.. nways i was clearly wrong as da experience  of actually reading all your comics was multiuniverse' kudos to your team 4 dat..nd as your avid fan i just wanna ask u .. WEN DID DA CHARACTERS LOSE THEMSELVES???

Even though i started readin nd finished most of ur novels within a yr i felt like id known all da characters since their creation..
so after enjoying (while mayb not condoning all of da writers' actions) all of ur x men comics i was just speechless about da way jean grey nd scott were handled....40 yrs of belief's,romance,turmoil,anticipation destroyed in 1 page...i stood by wen scott married maddy,firm in my faith tat he wud return to jean..wasnt happy but i knew he was too distraught nd chose sum1 tat even luked like jean.hell she was jean's clone(mayb tats sick) but inside i felt a bit relieved..cos in da end i knew tat they were destined 4 each oter..wen dey married it was da realisation of all our dreams.. was it all 4 this then..just pages bereft of meaning..da very heart of cyclops torn apart for want of a fling wit a person who 1c tried to kill his team... oh nd da reasons were...magneto,apocalyse,phoenix..all conquered cos of their undying love nd then stan lees legacy scarred with reasons like "stagnant romance","crush on wolverine","lack of communication" this what cyclops,da superhero wud do...i mean if superheroes break off their marriages every time problems come along..arent v humans better. ..i mean i dont get da message these superheroes r sendin nowadays..give up on a loved couple who had finally earned da right 2 be in a stable relationship without even giving them a chance to work it out(they didnt even talk once bout their feelings)..da mistakes hastily covered by killin jean off,blaming it on da characters(jean nd logan have unspoken crushes..i have a crush on hundreds of girls..doesnt mean im gonna be with them all after im married),altering their very natures,callin scott a gud leader with emma( hes a zombie married to a blonde who sometimes impersonates his dead wife nd has his own kill squad on call)...i just wanna understand if all this was kosher in da canonical sense or was just cos of 1 writer's obsession..

but ill always hope..hope tat 1 day ull realize u have a choice 2 make.. 2 either go down in history as da ppl who with a brilliant storyline rejoined a couple whose love endured time,conflicts,writers nd wat not or to b da team dat just broke up a happy couple cos da story wasnt progressing,or they didnt like happy endings,or da public thought so or watever made u break them up...hope tat ull once again b da ppl tat once wrote about THE JEAN/SCOTT.not 1 writers skewed perception of them..plz do somethin now or itll b too late.. nd it wont matter then even if u do bring jean nd scott together again..cos watever u feed us matter wat "public" opinion is..i actually believed jean and scott wen they made a promise to prevail through pain,passion,sorrow,hope,life,death or watever 2morrow brought...nd if u do too nd those wernt just words bring them together again..heres to hopin..

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