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Thanks man. You know I'm a fan of ComicVine. As for what's coming up, I couldn't be more excited. I mean it. No PR bullshit - 878 will ratchet the James Jr.  story up in a big way, 879 will be the big James/Gordon chapter, and in 879 we also bring in our version of the Joker (I cannot wait for you guys to see him - Jock and I have been designing him for a while. Nothing is radically different, but we wanted to make him our own the way other guys have, and so we've gone as dark and scary as possible and he is our take visually, too) then big 2-issue finale. S
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Huge thanks man. we're trying our hardest to make something we can all be proud of and excited about. And for us, that means making it a story that's about something that interests us - we all like the idea of exploring Gotham as a kind of personal nightmare generator, or black mirror. So we do try to infuse every aspect of the  story with that. Every arc has its own themes and things, but that undercurrent is (hopefully) running through the whole thing, coming to a head in the climactic issues. Basically, we wanted to make this Sick Grayson's Gotham, a Gotham that has transformed itself to challenge him (rather than Bruce) as cruelly as it can. Again, very excited about what's coming up. If you like the run so far, I think you'll like the 2nd half even more, as things start to converge.
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Look at JLA tower of Babel for example. He's got his own, secret marching orders :)

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I think he is, yes. But that's Bruce's way. He's obsessive and stoic and solitary and inconsiderate and the greatest detective... He's thinks of the greater good, but not on a person-to-person level. His employees are endangered, sure. But the world is safer. That sort of thing. He's like a general in a war. he looks at the board, you know? That singularity of purpose and the sort of unilateral decision making - that's who Bruce is, and why, in my mind, he's destined to live his life (mostly) alone. Bruce's pathological nature is what makes him so fascinating to me. He's my favorite superhero for this reason - his cause is totally noble, but the execution and underpinnings are self-destructive and obsessive. 

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@G-Man:  thanks man. I'll spell check next time :)
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Dave BARON, not Daron - typo :)

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Hi Entropy. It's Scott Snyder. I appreciate you taking the time to read my run on TEC and give your thoughts. And I'd never claim to be doing anything close to what Dini or Dixon have done, or even Jeph Loeb whose TLH and Dark Victory i love, personally. The only thing I can say for our run is that it's a story we all (Jock, FF, Dave Daron, and me) believe in strongly, and what I hope is coming across is that the whole 11-part run is actually one big take on Gotham. It's an exploration of Gotham as a twisted fun-house mirror to the people who try to do good for the city - the way it has this disturbing way of conjuring up villains and challenges that speak to a hero's greatest vulnerabilities. Meaning, for Bruce, Gotham throws back all these villains who are really just extensions of Bruce's own obsessions, taken to the extreme. Two-face being the duality of Bruce's life. Joker being who Bruce would be if he descended fully into the cave... So what we're trying to do is explore how that sort of city - some kind of black mirror city - would treat Dick Grayson. So the Dealer isn't a villain I'm prod of simply b/c he's creepy, but b/c he harnesses the worst in people, the buried desire to be bad and laud evil. And in that way, he's a good foil for Dick. who (unlike Bruce) puts a lot of stock in the goodness in people. He's a more hopeful man, less misanthropic. He has faith in the human character. So a villain that believes in the divine nature of humanity's capacity for evil is something that for me, makes a scary opponent for Dick. For Bruce, the Dealer would be easily dispatched, but he hits a deeper nerve w/Dick. And if the first cycle is about showing Dick how dark regular people can be (hence the crowbar), this second arc is about showing how dark street criminals can be. How unafraid of Batman. And the third cycle... well, I don;t want to give anything away, but I do promise it'll bring the James Jr. story and the Dick Grayson story lines together in a big way. And speaking to the James Jr. story - for me, James is the same nightmare for Jim Gordon that the Dealer is for Dick, just more central and direct. Meaning, Gordon is all about cause and effect, clues adding up. But what if his own son, his only biological child, is a person who doesn't add up? What is that person is an enigma, in a frightening way? (Though believe me, by 878 you will know whether James is, as Babs thinks, a brilliant serial killer, or (as Jim hopes) a troubled young man struggling with a neurological disorder... Anyway, the point is, whether or not we're any good or breaking new ground, we are all excited about the story we have to tell. And it is one big story, one exploration of a singular idea. Thanks again for checking us out :) S     
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@carnivalofsins00: I think you should, but like I said, I'm biased...(I write the comic).