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@k4tzm4n said:

*reads article*

*wants to buy*

*looks at checking account*

Houston, we have a problem.


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OH wow, now we will learn how he started? FINALLY! OMG I have been wanting to know that forever. I am so ready, I always wonder what his origin story is. Wow NOW WE WILL LEARN. oh boy. I wonder what happened? I bet his parents died or something.

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I dont know, when you think about it, Ultron was designed on earth. He is basically immortal as he can transfer his robot brain through our networks and store it places. But that being said, Blue Beetle is based on technology far more advanced than anything Pym or Stark could dream up, and a Beattles power is not even known, as it is truely a war machine.

Here is where it gets sticky. They would both try to take over the others AI, how that goes? IDK probally a standstill.

Then as far as killing each other? well the beattle can heal jamie from almost anything, and Ultron can rabbit and get a new body.

So honestly, if this was a serious battle, they would level half of the planet fighting. Beattle would just start unleashing nukes and Ultron would keep changing bodys/ trying to infect beattle.

I think the beattle has more raw combat power, but ultron is more versitile and unkillable.

Sorry for the spelling, but I think this is a draw that would consume many casualtys, I dont think jaimie would let that happen, so he would probally lay down before he authorized nukes.

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I was cracking up. If they are going to make fun of spiderman then im in.

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Talia is hot

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If they made this but with the batwing from the 90s movie that the joker shot down. You know the one shaped like a bat? I would buy the hell out of that. P.S. Its so funny aquaman got frozen in ice. I bet he popped out of the water and was like freeze Mr. Freeze. and Freeze was like. Ice gun fool. And aquaman was like, oh noos Im wet so ill freeze. Then batman shows up and is like Grrrwww Drop the gun mr feeze, my son just died. Im gonna mess you up. Then he messes up freeze and just gets back in his snow mobile and leaves aquaman there.

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Thanks Todd for that sweet Booster pic. And thank you for using teh proper skeets. Skeets is a cute little spaceship, not an app in Boosters helmet New 52 writers. Learn to love this fact.

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Who knows how we are going to get a japanese version in the end of march? I cant not wait a year for a dub. As soon as someone has it pm me asap. I love dbz more than frieza loves destroying planets.