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Well this issue of MAYHEM! I thought it was done well it when into the backstory of Mayhem and find out a lot of details in Dante's life some of which he just found out. This issue saw a flashback of Dante as a child in which his mother was being attacked by a boyfriend Dante went to help but ended getting cut across his eye which explains his scar.... it ends with Dante shooting the boyfriend.  Then you see his mom marrying Big X.  Dante then stops a drug deal by blowing the place up. Big X get...

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When I first heard of Mayhem i was it interested, so i couldnt wait for it to come out and i picked it up on the day it came out and it was a very enjoyable comic book the only thing is that the violence is over exaggerated ex. when Big X shots his employee with the pistol and the hole from the bullet is way to over exaggerated but besides that minor problem i enjoyed this comic book . Check it out!...

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