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Bugs wins this!

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@Primmaster64: here you go.. From earlier in this thread... 
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@ssejllenrad: Luke is the most dangerous, however. His Telekinesis alone would be a massive threat. He has telekinetically pushed over an AT-AT; rebuilt a fortress, placed an E-Wing inside it, and then destroyed the fortress telekinetically, followed by telekinetically throwing the remains into a nearby sea; and he has telekinetically manipulated a black hole. His Electric Judgment is essentially a one-hit kill. Anything it has touched has immediately died. His Force Speed is incredible also, as is his Lightsaber Throw. He could also perform Mind Control and has illusionary powers on vast scales. He could create Force Illusions of entire armies and starfleets. He could also potentially perform another ability such as Alter Environment or possibly Fold Space and BFR the FF characters. As for his defensive powers, he has used Force Protection and possibly Force Barrier to walk across lava, used Force Absorption to absorb AT-AT blaster bolts effortlessly, and drew from the Force to withstand a telekinetic Force Push from Raynar, who was drawing on the Force sensitivity of the Colony to increase his Push. In the narration, it was stated that not even the black hole at the center of the galaxy could move Luke when he did this. He could also utilize Force Deflection to possibly deflect energy attacks back at the FF characters. Then, there is Oneness. In this state, Luke loses physicality. He becomes pure Force energy and fully draws on the Force to the greatest extent. In this state, they could not harm him either. However, it is not guaranteed that he would use this, as it is not an ability Luke uses often. Also, both Luke and Sidious possess Precognition and could sense what the FF characters would do before they do it.  "

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" He has moved too fast for other Force sensitives to see, and this is taking into consideration the fact that Jedi have abilities such as Precognition, danger senses, Farseeing, and their own Force Speed (which increases moving speed, reaction time, thought speed, and perception speed). If I were to make a comparison, Darth Maul has moved five times faster than a normal human. Luke is exceptionally more powerful than Maul. Jaden Korr managed to move 400 times faster than human speed, and Luke is greatly more powerful than he is also.  "

I was also rooting for the FF7 characters before this was explained to me. Damn I need to read more ABY EU....
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@Primmaster64: How would he win? Haven't you read what EU Luke can do? 
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" Can't believe no one has posted this yet: 
. "
I just realized something. Earth is the strongest planet in the whole damn Solar System! It survives while others get blown into pieces! Take that other planets! Weaklings! And that includes you Sun!
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" Omnislash bro "
Omnislash ain't doing sh*t to Luke. I want to see them fight though. Force Speed vs "hasted" Cloud! Wow! Plus EU Palps vs Sephiroth! Slobberknocker!
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I like but have limited knowledge on both so I'm sitting this one out. 
Questions:  Will Goku be able to handle a mangekyo sharingan? Will Kakashi be able to copy Goku's techniques?

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Team Green! Team Blue I think is the weakest.

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DC wins cause they have Orion but I side with Marvel cause it's a pseudo-dc-trinity and I'm a sucker for anything Superman... Even if it is just a pastiche... :D

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@moshimoshi said:
" As much as i like Turner i HATED godfall, so i wont pick him for best superman for that reason alone someone mention Gary Frank I like him alot, alex ross is kind of an obvious choice :)
I can't believe I forgot Alex Ross! Yeah he was the best of the best!
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@difficlus: 20 meters length. 22 meters height. 
Storm troopers are on lower right... 
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@Silver2467: Just eye candy. The movie versions are slower than the game. But whatever. Luke solos no matter what...