X-men I don't like

I'll be the first to admit that I have, by no means, read all of the X-men comics, let alone all the offshoots and one-shots. That being said, this is a list of characters from the x-men (or just featured in the series) that I find irritating, along with explanations as to why they annoy me. The reasons are somewhat varied, and some of them are, admittedly, downright stupid, but there's always a reason. Feel free to contradict me on any points I make.

Due to the fact that I haven't been keeping up with the MU recently, this is outdated.

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Posted by PowerHerc

Not too many people make a list of anything anti-X-Men, kudos for that.  I do like Dazzler (probably more for sentimental reasons than anything) but I agree on the other two.  I don't like them either.
Posted by HolySerpent

I agree with this

Posted by Ryagan

Have you read Grant Morrison's New X-Men? Jean Grey is much more fleshed-out character there. Plus, we get to see her mean, flawed side more. As for the rest of these X-Men, I haven't read many comics that contain them--except for Wolverine, of course, since he's basically in every X-title. I don't hate Wolverine, he's just overexposed. Less is often more with Wolverine. If he's not on the team, it feels like something's missing, but he just needs less of the spotlight.

Posted by RustyRoy