The New Hellfire Club- a look at the inner circle

As introduced in Schism, the Hellfire club is back, and this time it's run by.....CHILDREN! Really rich, obnoxious children! That somehow have the ability to procure guns that shoot magnetars (I'm told that's illogically impossible). I'll admit to being a little unsure as to what the expected reaction is here; are we supposed to think it's awesome or be all like 'HAH they're kids! Go kids!' or something? Because I just think it's stupid.

My personal opinions on the premise aside, let's take a look at who graces the new inner circle:

In the top left is Kade Kilgore, who I think we're supposed to like. However, I find he just comes off as a brat. He shot his dad in order to take over his multimillion dollar empire, and has now decided to re-form the Hellfire club. What I'm wondering is what he had to say in order to get the adult members that don't get named to go along with this...or even listen to his idea in the first place. Either way, his statement makes his position plausible.

Top right is Manuel Enduque, who apparently sold his seven brothers into slavery. He sounds like a great pick for the club.

Bottom left is where it gets kind of...odd. Apparently we have a kid who's descended from Doctor Frankenstein. Um, cool? I don't now why they included that, the last two had perfectly suitable back stories, the name-dropping was unnecessary.

Bottom right is where it all goes to hell. The token girl of the group is sitting there stroking a dead cat. Sure, it sounds like she has the money and the position to back up being offered a spot in the club, but that animal abuse bit was NOT needed. It's a low blow engineered by the writers to make us view them as 'evil' and 'bad' and frankly I somewhat resent that. Plus, who keeps 37 cats? They kind of keep you at that point, I think.

So this inner circle is shaping up to look pretty damn weak. We have two evil corporate business guys, a 'mad scientist' and a chick who tortures animals. Great, yeah, that makes sense. Anyone have anything to say that'll make this seem like less of a joke to me?

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Posted by luckydomino1

i hate the new hellfire club dumb rich kid arrogant peice of crap twelve year old's think they are all that i cant wait for them to go down they think they win against the xmen

Posted by Squares

@luckydomino1: Wow...are you trash-talking in response to a blog post about a comic book?

Posted by gravitypress

Emma Frost and Cyclops should take over.

Posted by Kairan1979

I think Hellfire Kids should die. I hope Uncanny X-Force can take them down before they appear in more comic books.

Posted by luckydomino1

@Squares: im agreeing with you i hate the new inner circle too how am i trash talking

Posted by luckydomino1

@Squares: im agreeing with you i hate the new inner circle just like you . how am i trash talking did you read my post correctly

Posted by Squares

@Kairan1979: It'd make sense if they did. Heck, the creators already went out of their way to state that they're capable, as a team, of killing kids, so why not?

@luckydomino1: Why yes, I believe I did. You tell me.

@gravitypress: Things would probably be more efficient, I suppose.

Posted by fury714

Yes they need to get killed off ASAP.

Posted by The_Entity_Who

Can't wait for x-force to slaughter this kids, then make em into dolls.

Posted by BloodTalon

I hate the new Hellfire club these kids suck and the fight with the X-men at the museum was just crap

Posted by cattlebattle this for real. I knew there was a reason I didn't read X-Men anymore

Posted by victoriancuckoo

That’s so weird, are they going up against the students at Wolverine’s school?

Posted by luckydomino1


enough of this pointless nonsense my first post clearly said i hate th new hellfire club i think they are arrogant twelve year old and i cant wait for them to go down

Posted by Squares

@fury714: I dunno, maybe we could give them some foster care?

@The_Entity_Who:I take it we'd have to rely solely on Fantomex for that.

@BloodTalon: Agreed. We never even got to find out how Edie managed to kill everyone, either, we were just TOLD everyone died.

@cattlebattle: Oh, it's real. I applaud your foresight, good sir.

@victoriancuckoo: Not sure whether they'll be specifically targeting Wolverine's place, but wouldn't it be super ironic if that was the case? He took them there so they could be all free from fighting and whatnot and then he sends them out to combat the Hellfire Club. Man, I hope that happens.

@luckydomino1: Yes, it did. Why twelve?

Posted by luckydomino1

@Squares: twelve year olds are known for being annoying loud mouthed and arrogant so yeah

Posted by joshmightbe
the true boss of the Hellfire club sorry kids
Posted by Squares

@luckydomino1: But so are 10, 11 and 13 year-olds. And frat boys. And drunk people. Actually, that describes a depressingly large array of people.

@joshmightbe: Holy bad quality image, Batman!

Posted by joshmightbe

@Squares: i didn't have a scan so I picked the first image I found

Posted by Squares

@joshmightbe: Ah.