No more X-men

I'm officially no longer reading X-men titles, and am unlikely to pick the series back up again in the future.

A little more than two years ago now I started delving into the X-men universe (beginning with the classic New Mutants title), and I can honestly say that for a while there I really enjoyed myself. The stories I read entertained me- many of them weren't what I'd call great, but they were decent enough- and I actually looked forward to getting my hands on new story arcs. Second Coming was all I'd hoped it would be and more, and for a while I was convinced that the X-men were going in a fantastic new direction I could really get behind as a reader.

The writing began to lose much of it's appeal thereafter, but I remained optimistic. And then Schism happened, and I began to realize that I really wasn't enjoying keeping up to date on X-men affairs anymore- to put it bluntly, it was a chore I'd imposed on myself. The characters I liked so much were being written in ways that I found extremely disappointing, the events not only failed to entertain but often managed to irritate, and all I really felt I could do was hope in earnest things would improve.

Needless to say, they didn't. I've written a fair amount of reviews that would demonstrate that quite nicely. And then the utter disappointment that is/was(/will be?) AvX dawned. After reading either the fourth or third issue I simply sat back and decided I'd have no more of it.

So that's it, no more X-men. There are, of course, those of you out there in the fanbase who feel much differently- I've heard the praise you've given to the issues that I plainly hated reading, I've seen and read many of the reviews you've written of the storylines I found irritating and uninteresting. And I can say with utter and complete honesty that I'm truly glad that there are people that enjoy this stuff, because it pleases me to know that people are fuelling the industry that I'm still very fond of.

I have not by any means given up on comics. Right now I'm reading them fairly consistently (though at nowhere near my earlier, somewhat manic rate) and intend to keep on doing so. But no more X-men.

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