Next Wave: Agents of H. A. T. E ; A quick review

I stumbled accross this series just last night, and stayed up until around 3 in the morning, determined to finish it. And I must say, it was well worth the loss of sleep.

Dammit, Marvel, I'm starting to actually


Tabitha Smith. Yes, I call her Tabitha. Why? Because calling her Boom-Boom makes me think of the Flintstones. Argh, crap, now I can't get the theme out of my head!

Getting on with the review, I was really happy to see Machine Man in the lineup, having seen him on the pages of one of the few Deadpool comics I've been able to get my hands on. Something about him makes me smile; perhaps it's the whole 'fleshy ones' bit. I was actually shocked to find myself liking the ENTIRE TEAM, for once. Usually when I read a comic, I have my favourite characters, and I end up investing most of my attention in following


around throughout the story. That wasn't the case here, and it was kind of refreshing.

All in all, I'd give it a 9.5/10. It loses points for being so short. And it gains points for having a theme song, an awesome one, with guitar chords included.

Posted by Jotham

It was pretty awesome. I'd actually say it's just long enough, though. It was long enough to entertain, but not long enough to start dragging. I was sad when it ended, but I thought it was wise not to keep it going too long.