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As always, the Marvel universe has been, of late, a very eventful place, especially where the X-men are concerned. Age of X saw characters like Chamber and Frenzy re-join the cast of appearing characters, with Legion appearing for a time as well; Rachel Grey, Havok and Polaris returned from their little space adventures in the Legacy title; X-man was rescued from the clutches of The Sugar Man, nearly depowered but fairly whole, within New Mutants; Cable returned to the land of the living in Avengers: X-sanction (which I skimmed but didn't fully read); the creation of the new Wolverine and the X-men title brought characters like Husk, Doop, and various others back into the limelight (in various degrees), with occasionally odd new character developments; Schism saw the return of Quentin Quire (and from there the writing quality went steeply downhill); Generation Hope brought Martha Johanssen back into the public eye; the Legacy title continues to feature numerous characters, such as Mimic, Weapon Omega, and Exodus. The list goes on and on and doesn't really need to be fully displayed here.

Inevitably, these new re-appearances have led to my character watch list (my personal list of individuals that I like to keep track of in the Marvel universe (mostly the X-men universe, really)) expanding quite a bit. Here are the newer additions and a little explanation as to why they've caught my eye (and why they might be of interest to others). Also, I used pictures!


A few years ago, Chamber was brought up as part of the aftermath of M-day. He'd been depowered, spent quite a while on life suppourt (when his powers manifested, they destroyed everything below his upper jaw and above his sternum (the picture gives you a pretty good idea), and when he lost his powers he was left with a giant hole where his biokinetic energy had been housed, and therefore was missing important things like a heart), and was (in the Excalibur title) healed by Apocalypse and Clan Akkaba .

During Civil War he could be seen in the New Warriors title (I usually pretend that run doesn't exist, it was pretty horribly done), and later showed up on Utopia off-panel at some point. The events of Age of X somehow caused his bio-kinetic energy abilities (which have apparently returned...?) to start destroying his new chin-to-upper-chest area where it was once housed. He wasn't seen for a while after that, but recently he has, with no explanation whatsoever, been shown as a teacher at Wolverine's school. Why he decided to teach, how he managed to secure the position, what he would have to teach and what the heck made anyone think any of that was a good idea is way beyond me, but he's back (not to mention working and living in the same location as his ex-girlfriend (of a sort), Husk).

Why I care: Don't get me wrong, I don't particularly like Chamber- during Generation X he started to irritate me after the first 30 or so issues. I'm just curious as to whether the writers at Marvel ever decide to explain what the hell is going on.

Why you might care; Chamber fans will, of course, want to keep an eye on Wolverine and the X-men, because that seems to be where he'll appear. To those of you who like the Chamber/Husk pairing, if you're willing to remain optimistic you should definitely give WATX some attention. For people who like sulky English mutants, Chamber may be just the character you're looking for- it's unclear as to whether he's changed much since the early days of his membership on an X-team, but in the meantime you could always check out Generation X.


Alexander Summers- younger brother of Cyclops and elder brother to Vulcan, long-time love interest of Polaris. Former member of the X-men, the Starjammers and X-factor, current member of the latter, a pretty decent leader, all-around good guy and far more approachable than his siblings. In the past he's been somewhat emotionally volatile, but over the years he really seems to have leveled out and become quite a bit more reliable and stable. He recently returned from outer space with Polaris and Rachel Grey (he played a part in War of Kings and The Rise and Fall of the Shi'ar Empire, among other things), and has joined Madrox and co. as part of X-factor.

Why I care: It'll be interesting to see Havok and Madrox working together- the two have both similar and very different personalities, and Havok has been known to assume a leadership role in most groups, despite whether a leader already exists. So far in X-factor, the two have rubbed each other the wrong way, and I'm interested to see what happens as a result.

Why you might care: Havok has, in the past, been known to be easily provoked, which means there could be some very interesting fights coming up in X-factor (especially if you're into flashy energy manipulation).


Mimic appeared pretty early on in X-men history, and disappeared fairly soon afterwards. To my knowledge he remained out of the spotlight until Dark Reign (unless you count Exiles, which I don't), where he was recruited as a member of the Dark X-men. Though his past has been checkered, he seems like a genuinely good person, and ends up working with the X-men and leaves Norman Osborn's team. Recently he's re-appeared in the Legacy title alongside Weapon Omega (one of his teammates from Dark X-men) and seems to be staying on as a regular character. Mimic is, as you may have guessed, a mimic, and he can duplicate the superpowers of any mutant he's been within a certain distance of (somewhere over ten feet, I think); and over the years, Mimic has been in the vicinity of a pretty large number of mutants. Usually he sticks to using the abilities of the original five X-men. As a side note, with the re-emergence of Mimic there are now officially three characters with mimic abilities within the X-teams- Rogue, Hope Summers, and Mimic.

Mimic is also bipolar, and was diagnosed by Moira McTaggart at some point off-panel.

Why I care: I have an ongoing interest in super-powered characters with mental illnesses, and Mimic in particular intrigues me, largely due to the fact that what I've read of his appearances have been pretty well done.

Why you might care: Those among you that are fans of power-mimicry should keep an eye on Mimic, to state the obvious. I'm told that some people find fights involving mimic-powered characters very interesting, and while Mimic would be worth a look, he may not be what you're looking for (he doesn't seem to use a wide variety of acquired powers).

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