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    Pretty Good

    Squirrel-Girl is a rather strange character that enjoys even stranger levels of popularity. First appearing in January 1992, she was created by Will Murray and Steve Ditko and has appeared in a varie...

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    Jason Aaron fighting a minotaur? I might actually have to read that.

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    Arthur wins rather easily.

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    I… am already following you. I have no idea how to reciprocate this gesture, now I am confused! Confused I tell you! Heh heh. Hope you're having a great week Squares!
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    @saracen_rue: Thanks for the tag, but I really can't argue this one because I don't know much about Saitama. I know plenty about Hancock but without knowing anything about Saitama it wouldn't be a ve...

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    Blue Marvel of course.

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    ROBO COP!!!!Then amazing spider-man and detective comics

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    Man, it sucks not having you on the forums. Can't blame you, it's gotten even worse. Still miss you, though.
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    Happy New Year Squares, hope you have a fantastic year ahead ^_^
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