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@xwraith said:

I'd definitely sell it. The money I could make outweighs the "simply having it" factor.

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It seems DC has some big plans for the big blue. He is the character Lee said we should be looking for in the future and in october he will have some major part on the Future's end title. Plus Superman Doomed 2 to have some major tease about future storylines.

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He does absorb energy. But the red star radiation doesn't give him superpowers. Its like food in a way, the yellow sun being a complete meal for an athlete giving him all the vitamins,proteins etc etc that he will need and red sun being basically junk food that while it satisfies the hunger it isn't enough to satisfy the needs of the athletes organism and bring him to his full potential.

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@silent_bomber said:

I believe the Smurfs are from comics, they're quite popular around the world.

They originate from comics but they are best known from the TV series.

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Don't want to sound like a douche but the choices seem like they might be a little biased LOL.

by my count there's 12 French and Belgian choices, only 1 British comic, and nothing from anywhere else!

I think V For Vendetta could've picked up some votes had it been included, maybe Miracleman as well.

These were the ones that came to me from the top of my head. Hell I even forgot Corto Maltese. And thats why there is an "OTHER" option. Which I have encouraged viners to vote for instead of settling with one of the choices above and comment on their favorite so others can see the comics they love. If there is a strong "OTHER" percentage it is sure that people will look down on the comment section to see what people love. And if you see the ones that people don't consider their favorites have 0% so the options doesn't really matter. This could just as well be a common thread. The whole point of this thread was for the viners that haven't read European comics or want to or want to read more to learn more and expand our reading list.

Thats why I appreciate your first comment, which lists comics I haven't even heard of.

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@squalleon If Billy used the knowledge of solomon i think, He could make a better attack plan.

The wisdom of solomon isn't an on and off thing. Billy uses it all the time as long as he is Cap Marvel. And up to this point Billy really hasn't display any tactical ability in any incarnation. And we can't go by speculations, only feats. Also Superman is more than intelligent and a good tactical thinker. Especially in recent times. He is from a race of beings with higher average intellect (by a lot) than humans and he is also the only one who has outsmarted 5 dimensional beings multiple times, solved the mystery of the multitude and lead the armies of Asgard with Wonder Woman for a 1000 years. Anyway by sheer amount of better feats in any situation, Superman should take this.

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@squalleon i've only seen them fight in JLU. But it looked like he held back cause he saw him as his hero. I feel like if he had to win by any means, he would go all out

Same with Supes and as opposed to Billy, Superman certaintly didn't go all out, if the Darkseid battle has taught as anything. And the grab trick was used in Kingdom Come too(often considered the best Supes vs Marvel fight), which is another instance that didn't work for Billy.

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Couldn't Shazam grab him, point him to the sky and keep yelling shazam til superman is out?

How that turned out for him in Kingdom Come, JLU etc etc...

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@squares said:

Its an american comic, on a european setting. With European I mean european made.

Out of the ones you listed, The Incal by far. It's SUCH a masterpiece, as are its tie-ins.

There is an "Other" option, if you liked some other more you could vote other and specify here :) And if it is too late you can type your favorite anyway so others can know.

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@squares said:

Does Excalibur count?

You mean the X-men related team?