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@squalleon: I thought for sure you would like Pak what Pak did to Lois. Aren't you more a Superman traditionalist?

Making a character more prominent doesn't mean much for me if the story doesn't captivate me :P I read the Doomed aftermath to catch up and see where the story was going but I wasn't really excited, I may like it again later but based on the solitics and the preview etc etc I don't see anything to be excited for :P To sum up I like Pak but I just don't see what the fuss is all about, but that might change depending on the next issue.
I don't put myself in any party, I like what I like, I love Superman with Lois, Lana or with Wonder Woman as long as they are tackled by writers who know how to write those relationships, I love Morrison's and Pak's new 52 Superman but I also love Johns' and Rucka's Pre-52 Supes or even the good old Silver/golden/bronze Age classics(and yes there are good Silver Age stories). I guess I like everything as long as it is handled well and it doesn't go far from Superman's core. For example: I hate the SM/WW comic because it is shallow,yet I love the pairing.

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@squalleon: I think Toyman is one of the most wasted Superman villains of all time along with Parasite.

Johns wrote a Toyman one shot in his pre-52 run, so if you like Johns' writing and Toyman you should check it out.

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I hope they don't kill Ulysses and The Machinist. Ulysses is great and new type of characters we never see in Superman comics meanwhile The Machinist is really smart genius villains which we need more for Superman smart genius villains beside Lex Luthor and Brainiac

Johns said that Ulysses is going to stay for at least a year, I am sure if he gathers fans he will stay for a lot more ;)
Superman's rogues have plenty of geniuses like Toyman, Prankster etc But The Machinist is so cool, evil and intimidating, definetely a nice addition to the gallery.

Nice. I really enjoy dialogue like Lois's closing line on page 3, that which speaks to the reality in the comic as well as actuality. Looking forward to the Superman title...It's a good feeling :)

Johns said issue 40 will be a Lois centric issue. Indeed it is refreshing to look forward to Superman for once :P

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It just doesn't feel the same with this new Lobo...


@lvenger said:

Lobo's been stomped by Supergirl multiple times. Who in turn is much weaker than Superman himself. I smell inconsistencies aplenty coming...

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@lvenger said:

@squalleon: Hey you're back mate! Good to see you again! And interesting preview suffice to say, lots of good stuff here.

Good to be back :D I love what Johns is doing with Supes. I really want to see how he will handle the aftermath of issue 34.

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More Daily Planet and aftermath of issue 34 READ FROM RIGHT TO LEFT

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I understood what Snyder wanted to say even if at first glance was a bit eyebrow-raising. Standing up for your ideals, no matter which those are and where will they lead you is a quality that many can relate to.

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Great news for me! I don't like the new 52 costume and it always looked ''wrong'' to me. I want more details on the costume immediately, I just can't wait.I want more details on the rest of the changes though before I say anything. Anyway in Geoff I trust when it comes to Supes. He hasn't dissapoint me yet with the character in any iteration. Super-excited.


I AM BACK! With a vengeance!

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I really don't get why is everyone so excited. I really haven't seen anything great or some cool news at this point :P

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Yes. Chris was a great decision direction wise. I didn't like how he was aborted as a concept. So much potential and it would re-kindle the dynamic of the Lois/Clark pairing in the pre-52 that became stale.