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@squalleon why didn't u like Landis' work on the adventures of Superman when he confronted Joker in Metropolis?

At the beginning I thought it would be a funny two parter and I was excited for it. Then I read it as a whole. Superman lacked ANY kind of characterazation, Landis spammed us with the idea that Superman is "vague" to excuse himself for not knowing how to write Superman. Superman DOES have a no kill code, as opposed to what Landis thinks.
The thing about Landis is that Death and Return of Superman made him go viral, he never cared about Superman(and if he says otherwise I don't believe him), he only uses Superman, either in youtube or writing a comic to go viral again. He doesn't care about the character and that can be seen from his work on him.

I have to say I laughed my @ss of in the first part, so I excused the writing because of the humor but reading it as a whole, I have to say it is horrible.

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His analogy is spot on and aligns with what Max Landis said about people loosing interest in the character after his death and return. And he fact that his last 3 movies before MoS were duds also does not help. Also his animated series in the 90's didn't sway many boy in an age of DBZ

Just throwing it out there. Europe has way more fans of Disney characters like Mickey and Donald than USA. Maybe the american audience doesn't care but there are others who do.

Also as clever as Landis tries to sound, he doesn't know much about the character. His job on the digital title made it clear that he doesn't get Superman down to his basic levels.

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Nope I thought it was a perfect twist.
It was the moment Ulysses became more than another Superman analogue. Now he is like Clark but Different enough to be his own character depending on how the story will unfold of course.
There are bound to be some great character interactions and I don't see why a bromance can't flourish because Ulysses' parents are around. Supes is the closest thing he has to a friend and the only one who can understand how it feels to be an outsider, a protector and a super-hero. Clark is bound to help him adjust to life on earth.

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Close but I give the majority to team 1.

GA has regular feats that put him above from what I have seen from Hawkeye. And GA has some solid H2H feats.
Cap is a better fighter than Bruce and they are about equal in tactical thinking if Cap doesn't have the edge there.

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@squalleon: Or he could get his own book. Become DC's Sentry, wouldn't that be funny. =D

NO. Why waste him like that.

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@squalleon: actually he said Ulysses is going to be here for the long run.

He's a minor supporting cast in the Johns era.

That's great to me, I love the character.

He will certaintly stay for a good part of John's run but I don't see him staying until the end. I think Johns exact words were "Ulysses will stay for a good while" or something like that.
I hope he doesn't die or became evil. He has tremendous potential. From being Superman's best friend, to a leader of a Superman related characters team. OR became a heavily influenced Sci-fi Superman.

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@jonny_anonymous said:

@deaditegonzo: Ulysses is not exactly like Superman and he's not a villian either

Ulysses is just like reverse Superman.

And the writer called him the antagonist, so he is going to be the villain.

Nope, Johns repeatedly called him a supporting character(look at all the latest interviews), someone for Superman to talk to when he is in uniform.

The antagonist of the first arc, is The Machinist. I don't see Ulysses becaming evil (with Unchained being so close), if anything he will stay a friend and then he will return to the fourth dimension.

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I think you mean Superman #700 :)
Nice story, very funny ending.