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Superman Grounded have so many problem. JMS think hey since everyone love that scene from All Star Superman lets try copy it. But the dialogue is awful. Superman just said "I will not stop you from doing that ". Seriously, JMS makes Superman looks like a jerk. That is why Morrison is better , no question

In the end a cop asked Superman if he would really let her fall even though he promised. Superman never answered...

I disagree with you. The JMS issues of Grounded were well done. Grounded went to hell when JMS left. And the suicide scene was very good imo. It was different than All Stars and offered a more realistic perspective but that was okay and Superman's speech was very good, the whole a better tomorrow segment was a nice part.

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. I saw it in Bleeding Cool earlier. Having read both stories I thought it was a very good nod.

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  • Superman: Exile.
  • Arguably Superman and the legion of Super-heroes.
  • Maybe Kirby's run on Jimmy Olsen, the forever people were introduced there, so they tie into the fourth world.

Not many stories come to mind really. Superman hasn't been operating outside earth a lot. And when he does I wouldn't call those stories cosmic.

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@jogga said:

Although I squashed away the thought as soon as it appeared, I thought the moment Bizzaro said "Bizarro make Superman sane!"-AKA he's going to drive him insane- that Bizzaro was the alleged "Superman's Joker". It's a long shot, but an interesting thought.

I don't think DC would give away the killer so easily :P And Bizarro definitely hasn't motive or enough brain power to pull of something like that :P

It's strange to see Bizarro appear just like that. Out of nowhere, but okay. Maybe we'll get something similar to what happened in All Star Superman, were this Bizarro is actually from another dimension.

Although they could use the events that occured in Action Comics #19-#21, The Hybrid (if I'm not mistaken), to explain the appearance of this Bizarro. That would be the smart move, but I doubt it.

I really don't think they will bring the Hybrid in. The Hybrid didn't look remotely like Bizarro and this Bizarro looks like the clone Luthor created. Also I really don't want to be the hybrid, the other Bizarro has a nicer backstory and his role in Forever Evil was quite nice.

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@sog7dc said:

@squalleon: logically. Lex should hate Batman, no? :P

Why do you say that? Is it a joke, I don't get it :P

Well he does. But because he interfieres with his plans sometimes or because he works with Supes. He hates him as much as he hates Bruce Wayne. But I don't think he feels threatened by the Batman because as opposed to Superman, Batman isn't as trusted by the people, or as loved by the general public. Lex wants to be worshipped, the one that takes that away from him, is the man Lex will hate the most and make sure to kill.

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I agree with thor cap and iron man aswell as inhumans and mutants

I would also add Reed Richards. Lex would probably hate the fact that he isnt the smartest person

Good choice! Indeed there would be an interesting dynamic between them.

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@micah said:

1. Which once again as I've frequently stated, however you keep loosing the point........is stupid considering what he's done.

2. Yes I did say he was connected with Superheroes, which is why I didn't understand why you bringing up Namor, Frost, and Doom was relevant, considering they weren't what I was referring to. And my prompt response was that Luther's allies aren't exactly saints either.

3. You didn't answer the question. And as I said that's why I said we should agree to disagree on them being equal :)

4. Yet you haven't provided any concrete proof to that. The Legion of Superheroes are trying to commit infanticide as we speak, Martian Manhunter is on bad terms with the League and mind wiped his previous team, Shazam almost started a cross-nation war along with the League and the JLA because of mistrust and egos, Supergirl hates her family LOL and is arrogant, and brash, The JL of America was a counter operations force designed to take down the League among numerous other examples because of Trust Issues. Doomed showed Superman's true inner demons, and what he struggles to hold in. You haven't really defended your point that well. Now that I think about it, the DC guys keep all their hatred in secret more so than the Marvel guys...Ehhhh I disagree on Red Son, I thought it was meh I prefer Injustice :P

5. No, I think he would preach about truth, justice, and the American way, all while everyone is dying around him LOL. Like I said.........our hero <_<

  1. Maybe. But it shows Luthor's charisma at least :P
  2. Then which Super-heroes he manage to connect? I really don't much about Dark Reign but even Osborn's Avengers were ex-villians posing as Super-heroes. And Sentry was unstable. So which he connected with?
  3. Ok but first I will say this Lex's feats are far beyond Osborn's. Lex turned the sun red, managed to become omnipotent and create extrordinary equipments, even learn how to use Kryptonian tech. His feats are far above Osborn's. I will stop it here but Lex's feats show Lex's superiority.
  4. Yeah...I give you that, the new 52 isn't the best example of a concrete DCU :/ I guess I agree to disagree, but Red Son is the only "evil" Superman story, I like and will like probably.
  5. Or he could put one of the earths to the phantom zone to save both. He has done it before with War World. So I don't see what would stop him from doing it again. See he will preach truth and justice while he saves both worlds ;)
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@muyjingo said:


  1. No, you don't have stories backing you up. They back me up, as Lex has said in several instances he blames Superman for holding back humanity. You're saying that it's because of how popular he is, which is a flawed argument for the reasons I've previously provided. Furthermore, that argument is not directly supported anywhere in a canon story, instead you have to infer it. It's also rather dubious given how popular Batman is within the DCU.
  2. Again, to reiterate: Your argument that Lex hating Superman is due to his popularity and not because he holds back humanity is flawed, given a) the relative popularity of the other heroes, b) the fact that is isn't explicitly supported anywhere on panel.
  3. Don't twist words. MMH is widely accepted, but he isn't accepted as human, for obvious reasons. Superman is, because of his appearance. That's the difference.
  4. Superman being hated for holding back humanity is the only argument that makes sense. He doesn't exceed any other hero significantly in terms of popularity, and is the only alien accepted as human, who humans look up to instead of one of their own.
  5. (3) No, your examples don't prove your point. They show that Superman is popular; they don't show that he far exceeds other heroes in popularity. That is the key point to your argument that you have continually failed to support.
  6. (4) Apparently you do. Constantly in fact. You just don't realize it.

I'm guess you won't be able to upload a panel showing superman far exceeds the other heroes in popularity, because it's impossible. Without that, your argument is no more valid than mine, yet you refuse to agree to disagree. As such, there is nothing to be gained from discussing this with you further, unless you provide the proof you claim exists.

  1. I gave you more than 10 examples. Some of them were IN CONTINUITY for a good time or still are. You literally gave nothing! Just an opinion, without any facts behind it. If there is someone that doesn't admit he doesn't know what he is talking about it certaintly isn't me. And even if I am wrong, at least my opinion is formed around solid facts and not hot air.
  2. But you haven't provided anything. Seriously see the conversation from the beginning. You have no evidence, zero, nothing. You just say you have but you have not!
  3. Its not only about popularity its about the relationship Superman has with the world. They trust him, they love him, they would follow him to death,he is their champion. I don't want to post scans but JLA #4 has the JLA saying to Supes that he should be the one to talk to the people because they are the one who trust and listen to the most. Also Secret Origins has Luthor literally saying "This is my world, my city, none of it belongs to you!" pure jealousy right there.
  4. That only supports my argument. I am surpriced you don't see it. So Luthor goes after the one that is accepted from the most part of the world.
  5. No it isn't. It is an argument that you think makes sense because Luthor said so. Yet most stories that have touched on the subject make clear Luthor is deep down just jealous and everything else is excuses.
  6. Wonder Woman is an immortal amazon made by the gods, why didn't Lex went after her and went after Superman?
  7. But they do. Multiple times really.
  8. Maybe. But at least I make sure I have something to back me up. You are literally walking on a rope here. No solid evidence, no arguments or examples. Just baseless opinion.
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@muyjingo said:


I edited my post before you replied, although it posted after.

No, most stories do not agree with you. You merely think they do.

WW and Flash are human, MMH doesn't presume to be a human, isn't accepted as a human.

None of your points support your argument. They support that Superman is popular, they do nothing to show how popular he is relative to other heroes.

I don't expect everything on a plate, but I expect people who make a point to be able to support it when questioned. Thanks for doing so.

You need need to show that Superman far exceeds the other JL members in terms of popularity, and I don't think that's possible because it isn't the case.

  1. The difference is that at least I have stories backing me up, you have nothing. An opinion without something to base it on.
  2. Exactly he doesn't attack MMH because he isn't ACCEPTED, because he isn't as popular as Superman. Because he isn't as important to the public as Superman, even though he is stronger.
  3. I gave good examples but you don't admit them. Superman: peace on Earth, JLA no.4 and more.
  4. No prob. But I really don't say something that I am not sure is correct.
  5. Again I did.
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@micah said:

1. Precisely my point. I don't think him becoming any kind of poster boy is a great example of his manipulative skills, since how he accomplished said task wasn't that spectacular.

2. Namor is a king, Frost is complicated, and Doom is a leader once you dig deeper into his character. Not unlike Owlman (evil Batman) , Wonder Woman (Has killed people), numerous other questionable heroes and Braniac. An emotionless, planet killing being, all people who Luthor has allied with in the past and even currently. Plus we have that time he recruited villains from all over the multi-verse to usher in a new galactic age of death :P Certainly not your ideal allies either.

3. "Plus the fact he will make it out just fine only shows how much clever he is." Not the point. How much more does this man need to do and to be seen doing on such a large scale before someone puts him away for life??

4. Not being made public doesn't matter. It shows the mistrust, egos, and differentiating agendas the DC heroes have, (including Trinity War) regardless if the creative team was too nervous to allow the details to be spilled to the world. At least Marvel let's their characters acknowledge their mistakes and deal with the consequences instead of covering everything up and moving like a thief in the night, but I digress. And for Injustice atrocious story my butt, so far that's the most realistic portrayal of a heel turn for Superman I've ever seen, and I've read plenty of comics. What I notice is that no matter how well written the turn is, or the motives, or the portrayal of a gradual change instead of a rushed one......Superman fans will still call said story terrible and bad. Which in this case is untrue.

5. Wrong. The illuminati clearly tried their best to save every earth they came across during the Incursions. They stumbled upon dead worlds, duped the system by sacrificing a fake planet, used the Infinity Gauntlet, had Reed in the lab up until the last minute. ect. And even at the end no one was willing to do what needed to be done except Namor.......who I now respect. I wonder if Golden Boy Superman would be willing to save his earth/universe if it meant destroying another earth...........Ohhhh how I love our savior Superman <_<

  1. No but it is the second time he is clean and considered one of the world's greatest heroes.
  2. I never said Luthor was a hero. But you brought up examles that he connected with the "Super-heroes" and I said to you that those characters aren't exactly heroes.
  3. Not really, very much to the point. You said you considered Osborn, Luthor's equal. And I disagreed.
  4. And? It doesn't change the fact that the MCU doesn't trust its heroes as much. That was the beginning of the conversation. Don't lose focus. Meh, Red Son was a lot better, a "evil" Superman that actually WAS Superman.
  5. Nah, Superman would actually save both worlds.