Feats of a man or a Super-man?

Batman has pulled some incredible feats since his debut,the writers trying to give the character the necessary "impact" to make batman stand besides the gods of the Justice League sometimes exceed the limitations of the character.For more than 10 years now when it comes to batman,writers started pushing the character to his absolute limit and beyond,making him sometimes reach even superhuman levels of strength,inteligence e.t.c.

Two examples for my statement :

In Grant Morrison's BATMAN RIP,batman is supposed to be ready for a psychological attack,having a second personality as a back-up.

Batman of Zur-en-arrh Bruce's back up persona

For my second example i will borrow pages from Scott Snyder's Court of owls storyline.

Batman is falling from 10.000 feet and after he hits 2-3 walls,he ends up with some bone fractures!

Isn't the greatest appeal of the character his mortality?Batman supposed to be you amongst the gods and aliens of the dc universe.Ok,i get it that batman is a comic and this moments are needed sometimes but recently exaggerated moments are growing in numbers fast.

So lets take a step back and rethink the situation,does really exaggerating on the batman character really helps his storylines and the character itself.For me thats a NO.Batman must be a mortal,a human that he is not the strongest,not the fastest and certainly not someone who can create back up personalities,a human driven by anger,vengeance and will to not let others suffer like he did.He will break,but he will rise again.And in the end he might not change the world but he will certainly change the people!

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Posted by Mistermorriss

Good point about the fall. Stretching the boundaries of reality too far. But then again, the Owls' regenerative formula designed by freeze was a bit off too. Good article though.

Posted by Squalleon

@Mistermorriss: thank you very much!

That article means a lot to me because batman used to be my favorite superhero.But i can't see him as superhuman and that kills him for me!