F L A S H (First update and poster)

Poster #1

Hey peeps! I got a gift for you guys, tell me what you think. This is our first preliminary teaser poster for the series. Our representatives at the CW lost their minds when I sent this in to them this morning.

What do you think? Are you ready for F L A S H?

Next week we'll upload some stills from the set and maybe some other fancy preproduction images!

Cheers! Have a good week and go buy some new issue #0s tomorrow!


Posted by tyco6300

Oh my gosh!! This is so awesome!

Posted by SquallCharlson

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Posted by Rumble Man

@SquallCharlson: will there be the rogues?

Posted by BatWatch

Looks good?

I'm too lazy to research at the moment. Anybody know if these people are working on a real project?

Posted by BlackArmor


Posted by SquallCharlson

@Rumble Man: Of course! You can't go wrong with the Rogues. But we are mainly working on just the pilot and it's already overloaded with amazing characters and plot progression.

Posted by Rumble Man

@SquallCharlson: cant' wait to see len's hoodie

Posted by sethysquare


Posted by TDK_1997

Looks good!