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Writing Entry:

I think that Sara would really benefit from working with an antique dealer that needs her to travel the world and look at "artifacts" that could be put up for sale. This would open the door to meeting lots of new characters, run into more of the mystical artifacts that reside in the Top Cow universe, and would get her feet wet in an occupation she has to learn from scratch. It'd be an obvious choice for her to be a private detective, but it might be more fun to throw her in the deep end with a whole new career.

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Such a great collection, can't wait to review it.

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@KainScion: Agreed! I don't think any edition of this film will make me want to spend more money on it than I've already wasted. And I'm a huge Green Lantern fan.

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I've been wanting publishers to do this for a while. They already do it with DVDs and Blu-Rays, we might as well do it with comics too. It lets you own it in all formats. After all, you paid for it. I'd love to be able to have my physical copy, then show people certain panels from books I own on my iPod without having to cart it around with me and possibly damage the comic.

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Hey guys and gals! 
So I picked up Kevin Eastman's new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series from IDW, well, the first issue anyway. I thought it was incredible. It was a nod back to the original comic book and an intelligent new take on the franchise. I think this might end up being my definitive version of TMNT. 
What does everyone else think about it?

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I'm just excited for Red Hood and The Outlaws in general. I've been wanting a Red Hood book for a long time now.

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I agree, I just want this franchise to stop before it even starts. They've made something that's alienated most of the fans, general audiences aren't really impressed by, and only really big fanboys are fawning over.

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@Deranged Midget: I agree, it's like comparing a Wes Anderson film like The LIfe Aquatic to The Shining. It's two completely different tones and attitudes presented on screen. Both are good movies though. I really enjoyed First Class. Well, except for Banshee. Sometimes I feel like they just open up a Marvel Comics Encyclopedia, point at someone with their eyes closed, then put them in the movies haha.
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I wasn't fond of it. I do like the new creative teams working on X-Men, and this is by far my favorite book, but I could have done without the vampire thing too.

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I love these deals they have. Though I still love printed comics, Comixology changed my mind about digital books too. I'm going to try out all of the new DC #1's when they premiere online.