Wednesday Comics - 6-29-2011

Went and picked up my stack today! I got Venom #4, Incorruptible #19, An Amazing Spider-Man (don't remember the number off the top of my head), and Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #10 because they didn't have 11 : ( 
But hey, I'm sure I'll get to read it soon enough. Be reviewing them really soon! 
And for anyone reading this, did you get some cool books this week?

Posted by Omertalvendetta

I got FF #4 (about to read it), Venom #4 (incredible!!), ASM #664 (pretty good), Batman Incorporated (Idk why I bother...) and B&V for the wife, lol... apart from that I think I might pick up UX-Men #539 if reviewers recommend it...