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189278 Issue Overview Added creators for this issue. I worked on it as well. 08/20/13 11:30PM 25 Approved
189276 The History Lesson Issue Overview 08/20/13 11:19PM 4 Approved
189275 A Legend of Gods Issue Overview 08/20/13 11:19PM 17 Approved
189274 Tosk's Tale Issue Overview 08/20/13 11:18PM 17 Approved
189241 Chandra Free Person Overview 08/20/13 09:27PM 16 Approved
189232 The Storytellers Issue Overview I colored the Alt. cover. Just adding that bit. 08/20/13 09:13PM 3 Approved
189185 Volume 3 Issue Overview I (Chandra Free) contributed the adapation of T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land. 08/20/13 08:26PM 3 Approved
189173 Chandra Free Person Overview Updated my profile with a cleaner and more up-to-date profile. I am Chandra Free, in case that helps. 08/20/13 08:18PM 53 Approved