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Man of Steel was a mediocre movie (actually second half really wasn't good at all) and why should we expect any better?

Affleck doesn't have the demeanor to pull this off, he may get the whiney oh poor me part that my parts were killed. However, he just doesn't have the I'm gonna make you wish you never took another breath if you don't confess and redeem yourself RIGHT NOW! He just doesn't No costume is ever going to make him intimidating - and its a sad throw back that reminds us all of the Schumacher Batman!

I have NO Desire to see the next installment now and they clearly don't have the Marvel sensibility for creating a cohesive universe. They should have done everything they could have to bring Bale back!

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[Bruce won't push the envelope to punish the guilty, Dredd will.

Attacking a Judge would warrant a judgment of Death.]

After a heated fist-to-fist battle of aerobatics and gadget slinging glory ...

Batman attempts to flee to fight another day (as he would never intentionally assault an officer of the law or beat someone to death - and Dredd just won't stop). Using his grapple gun, Batman gains some distance from Dredd and mounts his Bat-pod. Fast on the Bats heels, Dredd continues his pursuit as he also climbs aboard his motorcycle, intent on delivering judgment. Bruce contacts Alfred to aid him in eluding the lawman, exclaiming to Alfred "Alfred, get the Bat ready!"

In a blur of whipping and winding through the city streets, Batman turns to take Dredd head on in a last ditch effort to avoid further conflict. Separated by only a few city blocks, tires squeal, motorcycles rear, and rubber burns as they speed toward each other at full speed.

Dredd shoots the Bat square between the eyes and runs him over ...

twice for good measure ... end of story.

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0% ? How exactly does that factor?

0% = negligent quantity

I'm certain there were at least some votes for those titles.

I'm calling foul on this crummy poll.

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With Hawkguy on this one.

Definitely not a well thought out poll - at least if we are going to vote - people should have picked up a book other than a Marvel or DC title.

Should have stuck with New "Original" series and strayed from the inclusion of mainstream titles.

And how the heck does a cliche' of a book like Superman/Batman even make it on to the poll? Perhaps a new series but Nothing new in Concept.

Kind of embarrassed I even threw in to vote on this poll.

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I think most people are rating this based on comparisons to other media.

I had no expectations from the game & I'm not much of a Deadpool fan, but the game is certainly worth a look at for any gamer or comic fan. Enemies can be a little repetitive - IF - you don't bother to use combos or alternate your weapon choices.

Sure there is some immaturity - but - hey - its Deadpool! - & he's not exactly with mainstream thinking now is he? Could it have been funnier - possibly. Deadpool does have a few shining moments that were not entirely juvenile - one of the funniest moments caught me off guard - when his dog showed up on screen and ran off with his arm & Deadpool expresses some genuinely funny commentary. Had the delivery of Deadpool's lines been timed better throughout the game I do think the game could have been quite a bit funnier.

All in all its a good game - there are some interesting twists in how you manipulate the environments and the load out purchases are a nice addition to varying gameplay. Plenty of Comic cameos here - even if they may all be in Deadpool's head!

Good start to another Comic based game that could use some improvement and expansion on ideas already touched on in the game.

Certainly worth a look at - and if your a fan of Action fighting games or Deadpool - worthy of buying.

Not great - but Good

7 out of 10

The few moments of surprises in the game elevate it slightly above mediocrity.

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D.C. On the path to another Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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Superman killing Zod - proved that he is "human" after all.

NOT a Superhuman a Superman with super powers but human after all.

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Ok - if your going to speculate about the dates consider this ...

May generally kicks off the Summer Movie market.

This is not a timeframe set for 1st time out-of-the-box movie of hardly known characters.

You can 100% guarantee that those 2 dates are reserved for "Big Budget" movies that have a proven track record for sales.

You wouldn't set the date during May for a solo movie for any other character other than IRON MAN.

And its safe to say that at least one of those dates includes a Team-driven movie.

Look at the history of release dates for all the solo movies (other than Iron Man) - Hulk, Ghost Rider, Blade, Thor, or even Captain America - They are just "NOT" Summer blockbuster gambles. And if those characters don't warrant a May release date - you certainly - will not see - NOVA, Power Man & Iron Fist, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, or Ant-Man with an initial release date of May.

So why not at least think you speculations through before posting random fandom fantasies?

--- One thing that I think could be speculated about that I don't think I've heard anywhere is - How about a MARVEL TEAM-UP movie (not by that title - which would blow) and not just a Cameo ---

This would allow for the introduction of a lesser known character to share the spotlight with a Mainstream character - which could in-turn lead to a solo film.