The WALKING DEAD: Season 3 and Beyond - Demise predictions.

Predictions about the Season 3s finale and the Final fight with the Governor:

Bye bye ... Baby Grimes - just has to happen for a multitude of reasons. If she don't cry - the stench from the diapers are gonna attract a Walker or two. Formula isn't exactly around every corner - and well babies get sick as their immune systems aren't as well-developed. Perhaps Hershel's daughter Beth is cornered in the prison minding the baby and we never really see this get resolved only that they both disappear in the firefight with the Governor.

Rick's sanity - well its halfway gone now and the finale of Season 3 might just push it over the edge.

Hershel - (replacement Dale from the comic) he'll find religion again - just before being swamped by Walkers. You can only hobble so fast on crutches. Perhaps the end comes trying to save one or both of his daughters and leaving Glen in their care.

The Governor - goes without saying - his day of tyranny will end. Andrea will put this dog down and not Rick making her at odds with the people of Woodbury and necessitate her rejoining Team Grimes.

Milton - just too green in the World of Walkers. Most likely demise will come by the Governor's hand who thinks Milton betrays him.

At least 2 Members of Team Tyrese (most likely everyone but Tyrese) - adopted by Team Andrea at Woodbury as they look for shelter, but return to Team Grimes when it all hits the fan. At least 1 member of Team Tyrese taken out by a Walker and 1 by the Governor's Team.

Beyond Season 4 - Demise predictors:

Carol - Her end will come ... and by the hand of Merle - which of course leads to some serious fallout with Daryl and a final resolution. (Hopefully not until the mid-season finale of Season 4 or into Season 5 - there's a lot of Good Tension within the group with Merle being present).

Glen - sorry bud your days are numbered. They may deviate from events that occur in the comic, but his demise will come and in a brutal fashion. (Most likely at Season 4 finale).

Karl's eye = going to happen. There is a lot of relevant story surrounding Karl's loss - too much to be ignored.

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