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369340 Issue Overview They will be recurrent in All-New X-Factor. In the case of Nil, this is his second appearance. 02/17/14 11:42PM 315 Approved
369337 Gambit Character Overview 02/17/14 11:37PM 144 Approved
368537 99 Problems... Five of Five Issue Overview 02/16/14 01:20PM 11 Approved
354257 Gambit Character Overview 01/29/14 07:11PM 111 Approved
354246 Not Brand X Part 2 Issue Overview 01/29/14 06:30PM 5 Approved
354243 Part One Issue Overview The Browncoats is the name of the side that lost against the Alliance in the intergalactic Civil War. Mal, Zoe, and some other characters are Browncoats. 01/29/14 05:40PM 107 Denied
354242 Part One Issue Overview Serenity is more of a location than a team. It's a spaceship where people live. 01/29/14 05:38PM 105 Denied
354228 Part One Issue Overview These are characters appearing in this story for the first time. Emma is Zoe's baby, one of the main characters. Bea is organizing a revolution inspired by Captain Reynolds. 01/29/14 05:31PM 221 Approved
352274 Carmine Di Giandomenico Person Overview He is an illustrator, not a writer. 01/27/14 10:23PM 16 Approved
351382 We Specialize In Helping People Issue Overview 01/27/14 12:04AM 107 Approved
351381 Gambit Character Overview 01/27/14 12:02AM 1 Approved
351377 We Specialize In Helping People Issue Overview 01/26/14 11:58PM 5 Approved
351376 Gambit Character Overview Just updated the adventures of Gambit and his All-New X-Factor adventures. 01/26/14 11:52PM 103 Approved
351325 Book One: A Dream of Flying Issue Overview This are characters in the Miracleman canon that could probably make further appearances in the Marvel Universe. Quite frankly I am amazed there is no Miracle Family wiki. 01/26/14 10:23PM 323 Denied
283850 Gerardo Sandoval Person Overview 11/21/13 09:06PM 1 Approved
283847 Gerardo Sandoval Person Overview Revision 11/21/13 09:04PM 16 Approved
283844 Gerardo Sandoval Person Overview I currently work with Gerardo Sandoval as script interpreter/doctor. 11/21/13 09:00PM 78 Approved
99805 Hard Times Issue Overview 06/08/13 04:57AM 45 Approved
1978 In Space--No One Can Hear Your Underleg Noise! Issue Overview 03/27/13 08:43PM 6 Approved