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@ms-lola: I beg to differ, the theme is the south is his past, and being an X-Man has made him basically a New Yorker with ties to the demimonde, that I would read/write!

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@ms-lola: Yeah, too bad it turned out he wasn't in the Daredevil book, I was so excited, they are my two fave characters. Do you remembered when he was rumored to be the new Man Without Fear?

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Most, but not the best, @sprior93: Days of Future Past, Whedon's Astonishing X-Men, the Proteus saga, Dark Phoenix saga, Messiah Complex, that time when Wolvie kicked the Hellfire Club's butt, Sentinels live... none against Magneto. You can't make the same movie three times.

Bat in the Sun could with way less budget, by the way...

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@sprior93 Not really, if that were the case they would have done it instead of Origins (not to mention Fantastic Four). And the only time Fox did what you claim it did properly was with the '92 cartoons (the movies are all about shirtless tall and handsome Wolverine, exposition on the mutant problems, and fights with/against Magneto over and over). But you are right about the MCU claim, Marvel Studios started after the draconian deal made with Fox when Marvel was about to go bankrupt in the nineties and which doesn't allow their characters to return to them.

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@sprior93 One of the reasons they are re-doing their whole continuity is that they learned to adapt superheroes from watching what Marvel Studios had done up to Winter Soldier (and is starting to ignore).

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@sprior93 Yeah, awful, except for Days of Future Past, and even that one is riddled with plot holes. The only thing that made the X-Men movie franchise popular was the lack of competition.

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@stumpy49er I don't think that's happening over the movie since Marvel hates Fox, plus, after the low sales of All-new X-Factor, there won't be much incentive unless the movie is Captain America: The Winter Soldier good, and, well, Fox is not known for making good stuff. :( Remember Wolverine Origins?

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I don't think he needs a change, he needs to be written properly, like most Marvel characters, which have a serious lack of character-driven stories. Here's how I suggested they do it (and it actually got me hired by Marvel, but sadly, not to write Gambit): Gambit: Honor Among Thieves

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@joshmightbe: Well, maybe in the US, but in most of the western world manga and anime has been pretty common since like the '70s. Mazinger Z, Robotech, Moonlight Mask, Astro Boy, Speed Racer, Nobody's Boy: Remy, Saint Seiya... all these I watched in the '80s, when I was a kid in Mexico City. I also know for a fact Robotech was broadcast in USA in 1985, and it is a way better show than DBZ, where nothing ever happens.

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You can read the Arácnido Jr. story in English with your free digital copy, you know? ;)