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I enjoyed the ‪‎Constantine‬ pilot, though it's not the strongest. It's kind of a mix between the film, Supernatural, and the watered-down New 52 Constantine book. It does stay close to the comic book stories from the JC/Hellblazer days (though they still mispronounce the name) but in a less cynical-and-dark fashion.

I understand it is an NBC show, so smoking is out of the question and all, but I think it needs to embrace more grimness and Punk Rock attitude in order to stand out from the other genre shows (I think the archetypal character of comic book horror adventures deserves that little).

Anyway, solid start, way better that ‪The Flash‬.

Also, Dr. Fate's helmet and Social D's version of Ring of Fire were nice to spot!

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I'd go as far to say that it's the best Batman movie of any kind. It captures ever single aspect of Batman as a three-dimensional character; the superhero detective, the relentless caped crusader, and the unstable, broken person that lives haunted by his past. The last being one usually ignored, I think because of fanboy favoritism bias, but, to me, that's the defining part of Batman psyche.
Death In The Family is one of the two most echoed events in Bruce's life, and it is darker in some ways than the death of his parents because he failed as Batman, the avenger of the night that grew up from the incident in Crime Alley, and he failed to his metaphorical little brother; once his family was taken away from him, and now he is responsible for the loss.
My point being, the film expands on this and even improves worlds upon the plot from the source material. making it one of the most touching moments in superhero history, let alone movies. Seriously, the drama in the climax is up there with the death of Rorschach, Elektra, or the story that really started it all, The Killing Joke.

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The All-New X-Factor kids need a new costume! ASAP!!!

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@arkay74 said:

Haven't enjoyed any of the 3 issues yet, only 2 more left to save this shipwreck. Took me 15 mins to read all 3.

How......did....this....get 4 stars?......how......

Right there with you. This crap barely qualifies as a story. The premise is generic, the conflict is flat, and the chaotic, narrative-challenged art is amateurish at best, a Mack/Williams III wannabe at best. Seriously, how the fuck did this got made? If this was a portfolio review, most editors would suggest the guy to look-up storytelling.

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I think the whole thing sucked and was amateurish at best. I would expect this from a first semester art student that has never read comic books. The new Marvel Knights line is seriously underperforming.

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Brit Psylocke did use psychic knives and she IS Psylocke. Brit, hands down.

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I <3 Psylocke, Morrigan, Cassie Hack, Black Cat and Buffy Summers.

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Sure, that's why it doesn't even have the same name or costume, because it is true to the comics :P

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Oh, DC Comics, you are so 90s Image Comics! :P

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God knows Uncanny X-Force is my favorite current title, but it is time to read the real deal, GAMBIT!!! And hopefully you'll get to read what I have planned for the Ragin' Cajun in the future.

Anyway, the thing is that, for me, Fantomex is the poor man's Gambit; Grant Morrison obviously made his own version of this rascal archetype (in his own way) to take the spot Gambit left in the X-Men (yes, I am aware of the Fantômas/Diabolique relationship: the name, the suit, the mask... but where does the trenchcoat, the weird dark past, the social dynamics with the mutants really come from? Those are trades we already saw with Remy that none of the other elegant European cynical thieves have. I have concluded that Fantomex is really based on this three characters. The only thing that seems strange to me is that Gambit and Fantomex exist in the exact same quadrant of the Marvel Universe.