Why can't 'The Dark Knight Rises' (July 20, anyone) come sooner?

I am just going to say this straight, head on, no beating around the bush:

I cannot wait for the final installment of Christopher Nolan's Batman saga, The Dark Knight Rises.

I'm sure most of you will agree to me that the anticipation is killing us. Blogs have been buzzing, comic fans and non-comic readers alike are talking. As a matter of fact, here I am, another blogger, talking about it. Truly, this saga has created a roar on the internet, the big screen, and the general public that will be heard for at least another decade.

In this most-awaited installment, Catwoman will be played by Anne Hathaway, Bane by Tom Hardy, Ra's Al Ghul by Liam Neeson. What's there not to be excited about? Of course the ever scary voice of Batman and charm of Bruce Wayne will still be played by Christian Bale (wouldn't have it any other way). I am just really buzzing in my shoes on how the new villains will top Heath Ledger's performance as Joker, which won him the coveted Oscar, because you've got to admit...his portrayal of the character has got be one of the most spine-chilling acts not only in the history of superhero movies, but also of movies in general.

A lot speculations are also coming in for the fate of the dark, caped hero. While others think that Batman's shadow leaving Gotham would just be too devastating, some say that it might be the only way to really end the film. As a fan of Batman, I wouldn't want to see him dead...BUT so long as the film can justify whatever course it had decided to go through, then I'm a happy camper. So far, Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale have lived up higher than expectations, and I am confident that they will follow through, one last time. For Batman's sake. And really, whatever road they have decided to tackle, I have to say kudos to each and everyone involved in creating this epic masterpiece of all time. Cheers!

Spidey out. :)

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Fingers crossed for new Spider-man movie!

The Amazing Spider-man movie has been the buzz lately. Posters hang around, IMDB ranked it at 87 (I know, I just checked), and that's going to climb higher on the next three months, until its opening comes. It tells the "untold story" of Peter Parker, I guess, to the mainstream non-comic readers, anyway. A lot of my friends who are part of that general public (non-comic readers) were actually wondering why Mary Jane Watson is not included in the movie. "Who is Gwen Stacy?" "Who is who?" "Why is Mary Jane not present?" and question marks and more questions marks. Now, I'm not going to elaborate more than that Gwen Stacy is Peter's "true" first love. Mostly though, they are also wondering how this Spider-man will be different from the past Spider-man movies.

Personally, I think that Spider-man is more about Peter Parker himself than his alter-ego. It is his struggles as human with weaknesses that draws me to him. He's not like other superheroes who are all high and mighty, yes they also have their vulnerabilities, but I guess Peter's are just explored more and it endears him to the readers. This movie is just the right fit as long as they do my favorite hero some justice (fingers crossed). Well, I guess I'll be having my fingers crossed until the movie comes out. Some people are already calling it a flop, but hey, Spidey's my favorite, so I guess I'll just wait for the movie to come out, fingers crossed and all that shizzle.

Spidey out. :)