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Detective Comics #823 - Stalked. Quite possibly the worst comic ever published. Horrible dialogue, horrible representations of ALL the characters told completley OOC, (ESPECIALLY Poison Ivy and Robin) sexist, poorly paced, disturbing when it tries to be funny and funny when it tries to be disturbing, tasteless torture porn.

This and Sonichu are the only comics where you have to be stupid to actually think it's good. There's having an opinion...And then there's liking Detective Comics 823.

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@artyom said:

By far the coolest dude on Comic Vine.

A new user.

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@tommythehitman: It's fine, ;).

The thing is that I think Poison Ivy is EXTREMELY strong in her convictions, and doesn't want the ones she cares about to be naive or manipulated. So, she tries to flat out expose every evil committed against nature that's made her the villain that she is, not realizing that she is unintentionally manipulating the very person she is trying to protect. Only at the end is she really able to reconsider her violent approach and let go of her hate, if only momentarily.

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I kinda liked it. My only real problem being when Ivy showed Darren those documentaries as I don't think sge would do that. Good luck with your Fan Film.

Thanks! Yeah, hope some more people see this as I am kinda proud of it. Thanks for the comment, just one thing...Who is sge?

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Poison Ivy, but sadly she is not here. Must I take Nature's vengeance for her?

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Hi everybody! Some announcements.

First of all, I would like to announce that I'm gonna be on Comic Vine a LOT less for a while. Between SAT prep, friends and social issues, and writing not only my Fearszet Reviews on my channel TheMovieDoctorful, but a script for a Spider-Man/DC Crossover fan film (Which can be shared with anybody who is interested for a sneak peak. Just PM me and I'll share the document with you), I don't have much time for Comic Vine and NO time at all for Fan-Fics at the moment. Don't get me wrong, I'll still show up occasionally, and I'll be here 24/7 once the Fan Fic Awards come to promote Gotham City 21 and cheer on friends like @tommythehitman @joygirl and @dngn477, but will just be here a lot less. But now, onto the more relevant topic.

Detective Comics #823 - Stalked is one of, if not the WORST comic I have ever read. Full of atrocious dialogue, a story that makes no sense, characters acting out of character, disturbing and unfunny, failed attempts at being "smart" and "deep", and convuluted plot points and cliches, Detective Comics #823 - Stalked is the ONLY comic book (Not counting Sonichu...Ugh), where I will flat out say "If you genuinely think this is good, you are an idiot." Every time Stalked or Harvest is mentioned, I quite literally feel sick and enraged. But after reflecting on my hatred for Stalked, I got to thinking...In the right hands, this comic could have been good. Like, really, really good. It could have been a deep analysis of Ivy's psychology, how both love and hatred play such a huge role in her life, and the darkness that she will never sink too despite her violent nature. So, without further ado, here is the plot for Detective Comics #823 - Stalked if it were GOOD:

The comic would have Poison Ivy escaping from Arkham after the events of No Man's Land, brutally killing her sadistic doctors without mercy. When she escapes, the first thing she thinks of are the orphans she abandoned in No Man's Land. She laments on how she feels an inner conflict within on whether or not she can get emotionally attached again; her life with her orphans was the best time of her life, but the tragedy of losing them was just so much. While on the run, she is taken in by a kind, young botanist named Darren Anthony, who gives her shelter and safehouse from Batman and Arkham.

Darren and Ivy talk about their views of humanity and the world, Ivy saying that she hates humanity as a whole, finding most humans selfish and cruel and that lessons not learned in fear or violence are soon forgotten. Darren finds Ivy's actions and intentions noble but her methods wrong, being a peaceful pacifist and protester who believes human beings are essentially good. After months of being together, Ivy begins to trust Darren and even fall in love with him, becoming more and more accepting of his pacifist ways. However, not wanting Darren to become naive as she once was, she decides to show him documents, videos and slideshows of all the horrific and evil things that mankind has committed against nature and her plants. Darren is shaken, and tells her that he needs time off to think.

Poison Ivy later discovers that several innocent civilians have gone missing, and VLogs left by Darren confirm that her lover is kidnapping people who are nice to him and sacrificing them to her plants, allowing them to slowly and painfully digest. Ivy is horrified, confronting Darren about it. Clearly snapped and delusional, Darren tells Ivy that he enjoys the suffering of humans for what they did to her plants, and that he gained pleasure from the innocent loss of life to make up for the loss of innocent plant life, and that he has no intention of stopping. Ivy tells Darren that they can't be together, and that she would not allow him to kill more innocent people, before sacrificing Darren to her plants so that he can slowly and painfully digest inside them. Poison Ivy, broken, terrified and disgusted, leaves her hideout, crying her eyes out at what she had to do.

1 year later, Darren is resurrected as the plant/human hybrid Harvest, seeking revenge on Ivy and painfully murdering and eating innocent civilians in order to frame her. Thus, Harvest's existence is meaningful and even emotional; a physical representation of the terrifying line that Ivy will never cross, and a painful reminder of the aftermath of Ivy's terrorist actions. Batman and Robin investigate, and Ivy lies to them saying that SHE was the one who killed the innocent civilians. At first, Batman and Robin believe her, disgusted and horrified at her cruelty. However, further examination and investigation from Batman proves that it was Ivy's lover, not Ivy herself, who brutally tortured and murdered these people. When Batman confronts Ivy about it, she breaks down in a fit of rage, mourning and despair, screaming "I HATE YOU!!!" at Batman, Robin, and most of all, herself. Poison Ivy attempts to destroy Arkham, to kill Batman as well as herself, but Batman and Robin manage to escape. They hold a funeral for Ivy, and as soon as they leave, Ivy arrives at the grave, etching "Here Lies Darren Anthony: Victim of Mankind's Cruelty" underneath her own name.

And THAT, my friends, is what Detective Comics #823 - Stalked would be like if it were GOOD!

So, any suggestions? Things you liked? Didn't like? Please comment, as I really did love writing this! Also, be sure to PM me if you would like to see the script for that Spidey/DC crossover fanfilm I'm working on! :)