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@impurestcheese: Yeah, going to try and make this finale really tragic, intense and emotional. Have a few surprises in store in these last few issues.

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Jason Todd and the Gotham City Sirens

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Poison Ivy tapped her feet as the team waited for Captain America and Sinestro to return. "What's taking them so long?" she asked in a rather annoyed tone. Cyborg shrugged, "Must be important, those two don't mess around, especially Steve..." Before he could finish, he saw a stunning sight. Captain America and Sinestro had returned with an army. Behind Sinestro were hundreds of Yellow Lanterns of all shapes, sizes and species. Behind Captain America were hundreds of what appeared to be civilian militia. The militia members carried firearms, machetes, axes, baseball bats and all sorts of basic weapons. They seemed to all be dressed as different members of the Gotham City 21; Spider-Man, Daredevil, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Red Hood...All of them. A few members even wore gorilla suits in honor of Grodd.

"I got to say Cap, you've certainly got a way with people" Wonder Woman admitted. "Any parting words you want to give?" Captain shook Diana's hand, a smile on his face. The various team recruits shook hands with their idols and heroes, as Captain America prepared to deliver his speech. "Scarecrow has oppressed us for what seems like an eternity. He has superior weapons, superior numbers, and is backed by some of the most ferocious enemies we've ever faced. But there is one advantage in our court stronger than any weapon Crane could possibly create; the bond of our friendship. It's the kind of bond where brother will take a bullet for brother, where sister will face the fire for sister. Scarecrow will never understand, but it is our love for each other; as mentors, as brothers, as lovers, that gives us strength. That said, any hesitation to do what must be done will mean the death of all of us. Show no mercy, as none will be shown to you in return. Some of us will die, but when this day is over, all of you will possess an immortality in the pages of history. As heroes...As freedom fighters...As the Gotham City 21!"

The entire team as well as the armies backing them cheered furiously in response...All except for one member. Harley Quinn sobbed after Steve's speech, her head in her hands in shame at what she was about to do. Eddie Brock wrapped his arms around Harley as they embraced each other in a strong hug. "You'll make it out Harl..." Eddie whispered. "I promise..." Harley smiled weakly, as tears fell down her eyes smearing eyeliner all over her face. "...So will you. I have a bad feelin about the attack...But no matter what happens, promise me you'll be safe." Eddie nodded, as he slowly backed away.

Before Eddie Brock could get away, he was approached by Bane. The former villain extended his hand to Eddie. "Good luck Brock..." he said in a very strong sounding voice. "You've made me very proud. You've made us all proud." Eddie nodded, looking his mentor dead in the eyes. "Thanks Antonio...And thanks for helping me with those thugs..." Bane nodded, as the two reformed villains prepared for battle.

Meanwhile, Johnny Blaze and Raven surveyed Scarecrow's tower, holding their breathe in fear. Johnny held Rachel's hand tightly to comfort her. "Don't be afraid..." he said. Raven laughed, a humorless, sarcastic noise. "I'm not afraid of dying..." she stated. "I'm afraid of the fate Trigon has in store for me after life..." Johnny put his head down, struggling to get his words out. "I can guarantee you that whatever he has store in you is better than what Mephisto is planning for me..." he explained. "And you're not gonna die...You've got to much to live for." Rachel looked back up at Johnny, surprised by his kind words. "More to live for? I'm a demon's whore...I'm not even that good for the team, at any minute I could lose control and..."

"But you've made the most of your powers..." Johnny told her, showing wisdom beyond his years. "Even though you've been burdened with a horrible curse, you've used it to set things right...To help people. And unlike me, you're selflessness meant that you weren't willing to take the easy way out and let thousands die just to be free. There's a lot of...Strength in you...Rachel." Rachel and Johnny stared at each other for a short time. Rachel closed her eyes, wrapped her hands around Johnny's head, and kissed him passionately.

Spider-Man's heart was beating as he prepared for the final battle. He had grown to develop a strong friendship with every last member of the team...It would destroy him if one of them died. Not that he expected everyone to come back alive. Suddenly, he heard footsteps behind him. "I love you..." said a feminine voice. Peter instantly recognized it as Poison Ivy. He turned around slowly, taking off his mask. "You...You love me?" he asked, nervously. Ivy was in tears, for the first time ever, she seemed unrestrained by fear or distrust. It was both beautiful and terrible. "I don't know what I'm going to do when this is all over..." she continued. "I'm not even sure if I'm going to stay with the Gotham City 21. I don't even know if I'm going to make it out of here alive. But I know that I love you...And I needed to tell you before we charged into the battle."

Spider-Man was about to respond, untill he heard the voice of Captain America delivering the order. "Red Hood, Flash Thompson, Deadshot, take the middle rows with the militia. Lex, Doom, Spider-Man, stabilize the shields. Sinestro, Martian Manhunter, Raven and Ghost Riders, attack from above with the Sinestro Corps. The rest of the team...take the tower from behind...On my command...CHARGE!!!"

A thunderous roar emitted through the city as the battle began. The militia was immediately met by an enormous enemy force consisting of Scarecrow's mutated zombies as well as his most powerful henchmen. Entire rows of combatants on both sides were mowed down by continuous gunfire, blown to pieces by energy shots from above, or hacked to bits by melee weapons. Gunfire, battle cries, and the screams of the wounded echoed through the night. Spider-Man watched in horror as he witnessed the ferocious and sickening display of carnage unfold. Lex Luthor nudged his side. "Suck it up, Spider. I hear your quite the science whiz...That sob story's gonna get even bigger unless you put up those shields." Spider-Man held no love for Luthor, but slowly nodded his head. "Yes, sir..." he replied, getting to work on the shields.

To be continued in Gotham City 21 Chapter #3 Siege Part 2

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@rebel_leader1: Fair enough, Vader is awesome after all. Favorite cinematic Star Wars character and second favorite Star Wars character over all.

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I love Vader too, but I can only consider a TRUE movie villain to be someone who is pure evil. Vader is not. That said...

Sir John Talbot

Jason Voorhees
Agent Smith

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Trick 'r Treat, The Boondock Saints and The Adjustment Bureau are horrible, horrible movies.

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That one homophobic Superman hater's thread was pretty funny.