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Eventually or they'll just kill Miles off and replace him with someone else.

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This, and i don't want him too. The way Miles has been written is nothing short of phenomenal!

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No, why though? Miles is awesome..

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I could see it. Marvel has to hate themselves right now anyway for letting #700 happen.

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Doubt it. Marvel is too dumb to bring him back.

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I hope not. A semi-permenant death of a major character is what made me like the Ultimate Universe. It gives the stories weight. If Peter comes back, takes an alternate (yet Spider-themed) identity until he re-replaces Miles, I'll flip out.

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Pete never left. He's been heavily involved in assisting Miles's rise to greatness. Or should I have said she?

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No way! If marvel wants Peter Parker back they will do it in the 616 or Now! whatever you want to call it. In the Ultimate universe it will be Miles. He's awesome so I hope he makes it 700 issues! They already started another "marvel universe" to cover peter parker as ultimate spider-man to match the tv show. So miles is even safe from that. Miles is also my favorite marvel character.

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Nope, his death was perfect and Miles has been written perfectly, I don't want him to come back.