Avengers vs justice league

Avengers. Justice league Captain America. Super man Iron Man. Green lantern Hulk flash Spider Man Wonder Woman Thor. Martian man hunter Spider Woman. Batman Who would win avengers or justice league

Posted by King Saturn
Justice League would crush The Avengers... 
Superman would keep Thor busy 
Wonder Woman could easily crush Iron Man or Spider-Woman or Captain America... heck, she would probably beat them all at once. 
Martian Manhunter would not really need to do anything... maybe he could just help out Superman with Thor... if Kal-El actually needed the help... Martian Manhunter and Superman vs Thor = Instant Loss for The God of Thunder. 
Hulk's Strength could be a issue only if he gets mad enough... but still between Superman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman or even The Flash... Hulk is done for. 
Posted by charlieboy

Jla wins pretty much every time this topic comes up.

Posted by ei8trak

pre 52 ...justice league , after 52 the much more experienced avengers