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It seems almost impossible to insulate yourself enough in today's world to avoid spoilers. Stay out of the toy section and avoid ads as well because the toys they not sell months in advance are themselves - spoilers. I guess that there must be a thirst for this information because it is very hard to avoid. I do like to be warned via - SPOILER ALERT. But there are spoilers is the comic world as well. Marvel and DC announce new titles way before plot resolutions and most of the time we know pretty much what is gonna happen in-advance.

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Fantastic point! Absolutely correct. It should be noted that Hawkeye and Black Widow didn't have their own solo films, because they are better as supporting characters. The Hulk movie was okay, but we loved the Hulk in Avengers. A JLA movie would be awesome. And if successful, then you could spin off that.

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I don't think anybody is thinking (to use a tired cliche) outside of the box. The question isn't what job best suits the man of steel, it's what job or jobs are going to create the most interesting stories? I mean why does Superman have a job? Does he have to pay the rent like everyone else? If so, then that is a weakness. He can crush coal into diamonds so I don't think that's it. The reason he has a job he so he keeps in touch with humanity. The best job that suits him is probably a freelance writer of some sort. But where's the conflict in that? I like the idea of him having odd jobs, involving manual labor. And he probably loses a lot of jobs because he has to disappear and save the world. But he does it because hard work is also a very American ideal. So it shows that he is willing to sacrifice. Clark follows a higher, purer ideal so his life should reflect that. I say he is a traveling freelance writer and he takes odd jobs. Anything from dishwasher to fireman to lumberjack to a worker in a steel mill. Now that would create some interesting stories.

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Sort of holding my breath on this one. I have been reading ASM for more than 30 years. Change is good. Just don't screw it up, Marvel.

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Alpha becomes New Spider-Man? No Way! He is nothing like Peter. Spider-man with tentacles? Seriously? Weak. Kill off a major character - IT'S BEEN DONE. (to death)

I think the whole Spidey goes outlaw could work and really makes the most sense and most likely scenario. He finally kills a villian and he is given the boot by the Avengers, FF etc. It would really change the character and shake things up and REALLY PISS FANS OFF!

I think another great scenario, which would be VERY BOLD and interesting is if Peter hung up his web for reals. He could marry Mary Jane and ride off into the sunset. MARVEL ONE could then jump like 15 - 20 years in the future and Peter's and MJ's son could take up the Spider-man legacy. Aunt May will have passed but you could still have all the same characters - just 20 years older. JJJ crustier than ever! Then Peter could still be instilling his ideals into his son. I think fans would buy it because you still have Peter around and he could always swing back into action - just as old classic Spider-man. Plus what's great, there would be no going back from this so fans couldn't revolt and say we want the REAL Spider-man back, it would be a effective reboot.

Of course, the only problem is it would seriously mess with the continuity of the rest of the Marvel Universe as Spider-man would be in his own future timeline. Less they just kind of said - screw continuity.

I like Dan Slott myself. I'm sure he will take the book in a great in a new direction.

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I agree that Batman should be shelved for now, and then you can reboot the series. A Superman and Batman movie would be great but that and JLA movie seem a bit far fetched right now. Marvel did a great job connecting all of their movies that lead into the Avengers, I would be difficult for DC to follow suit.

And would we really want that? Isn't better to have a great director share with us a new vision of these characters and tell us a great story without just trying to maintain a franchise? That seems limiting.

And do we want to wait 5-7 years for a JLA movie?

I say forget the franchise. Find a visionary director and let him a movie with the way he wants to do it, be it with whatever character the DC universe can provide.

I vote for Flash.

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Well, that sucks but it really isn't surprising is it? Did we really believe he would remain committed to a monthly book? The top talent in this biz is always moving on to the next project. Frankly, who can blame them.

Although I enjoyed his other Superman projects, I think this run in Action comics was not the best. There were a lot of promises made on the onset of this relaunch, that were never delivered.

Also his approach to what I would call - non-linear storytelling, I found rather confusing. Sometimes I would start reading and wonder "did I miss an issue?"

There is no doubt that Morrison can craft a great story and his approach to it is interesting. But for a monthly book, I prefer a more traditional approach.

Too bad, Superman certainly deserves to have a great storyteller at it's helm. It is a shame that it never materializes.