Dark Present Bright Future?

DC's Doing It!

As many Marvel fans now recently a lot of running titles as well as upcoming titles have been cancelled. The growing number of cancellations has caused many of Marvel's fans to wonder about the future of the company in terms of why are the comics being cancelled , what will happen to their favorite characters now and more important why is this happening. As of right now I consider myself among the fans that blames the failing sales of Marvel on the renewed success of DC's new 52. I myself however as a fan of comics as a whole over just one industry was very excited when they revealed the company wide reboot of the universe. I saw it as a move with great potential that I hoped would not be allowed to fail as so many attempts at saving the industry do. I was glad to see that my hopes where realized. As any visitor to comicvine can see many of the titles are reviewed with the highest remarks.

Come on now thats just badass

As with many fans I found myself particularly pleased with the new Aquaman book which has as many reviewers have stated made many of us appreciate and understand Aquaman far better than we ever have before I find this especially amazing as I was never much of an Aquaman fan to begin with but so far have read all 4 of his 5 issues and loved each one. Also despite the fact that not all the titles lived up to the expectations of the company I was glad to hear that although they indeed cancelled titles they counter this by at the same times revealing new titles that they would use to replaced them. I applaud them for paying attention to the failings of the storylines and although not perfectly do their best to please their audience.

However as a Marvel fan I am pained to notice that they have not lived up to what I normally expect from them and they to me are not keeping up with DC in terms of quality in both writing and are attempting to sway the audience with half hearted gimmicks and empty promises of success. Yet these are things that many fans have said over the months and I admit I'm not really saying anything new. Still as a fan I pose the question what could Marvel be doing behind the wall to catch up with their rival company DC? It makes me wonder about what moves may satisfy the audiences cries for repair in a failing medium but also what are they doing now to maybe fix their problems?

Why Can't Marvel?

He may not be Ben but hey lets not get too picky and the costumes cool

First lets take a look at some of the titles and storylines recently. A prime example of a fairly well succeeding comic would have to the Spider-Man books. Dan Slott has been doing very well on many of his storylines in the flagship title the Amazing Spider-Man where fans are finally seeing a Peter Parker not burdened by failure but by success and happiness. An almost biblical change from one of Marvel's most abused characters. As well as the return of the Scarlet Spider one of the most loved Spider-people. Next we saw the renumbering of the Incredible Hulk as well as his split from his alter ego Bruce Banner. Yet the revelation that Bruce has become insane without the Hulk is an amazing spin on an all too common plot device of separating Bruce and Hulk more importantly we are also still in the dark as to how it happened but beside the point the inner thoughts of the now freed Hulk show a side to the character rarely ever seen.

Wolverine & the X-Men

Next we go to another beyond abused character Wolverine. Wolverine has recently made the change from bezerker killing machine to nurturing father figure. Now although he has often been the role model to many young X-Men he has always been the crazed killer we love and hasn't changed much but now he has gone from maybe guiding a few lost children to running an entire school of them. Not only that but each issue so far has been filled with great concepts that have been hiding in the history of Marvel begging to be released (i.e a school for mutants built on land that is itself a living mutant come on you have got to love it).

Then you are dragged to the other franchises who's success seems to either go up or down depending on whats going on, the Avengers and the X-Men. Many fans are growing more and more disappointed with the growing number of titles that the characters are in. Some of the titles seem fairly pointless and readers are left wondering why is this here. Personally I don't understand the need for New Avengers, X-Men, New Mutants or X-Men: Legacy anymore. But even still those franchises are being reworked to change certain problems. For instance the Secret Avengers has had storylines and a roster that doesn't fully seem to reflect to purpose of the team as a black Ops team, but with this new roster featuring some characters that seem slightly more suited to that ideal (Hawkeye and Venom) we may get to see the team we have always hoped for. Also I was more pleased with Uncanny X-Men than I ever expected to be considering that I dislike Cyclops as well as his methods and prefer Wolverine over him.

I miss them already

When you look at these points the company really aren't doing so bad at all in truth and although many titles where being cancelled many of them where not doing very well in sells and some many fans wished gone to begin with but their are those that seem confusing such as X-23 and Moon Knight but hopefully that just means we will see these characters in other places. X-23 will be joining Avengers Academy and who knows what future may hold for Moon Knight. In truth however there is one side of Marvel that I am very disappointed in and that would be the Ultimate books. I am a long time fan of many of the Ultimate books namely the first 2 volumes of Ultimates, Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men. I like many fans was saddened during Ultimatum but I looked forward to the future of the books but since then have for the most part been fond wanting. Even the recent relaunch has not made me feel much better as I sadly dislike Miles Morales primarily because I actually miss Peter Parker greatly and wish to see his return. I personally feel that Miles however would be perfect as a Spider-Man spinoff under some other name. I wanted to see more Hawkeye and didn't want it to be a mini-series and I didn't like how the Ultimates new enemy seemed to kill the Asgardians so easily. Ultimate comics X-Men so far is the only thing I'm actually enjoying and can't wait for their roster to grow.

The Point

Avengers Vs. X-Men

But enough with the complaining lets get back to the important part of this. Despite a few problems Marvel is actually doing fairly well as it is to me. Many fans are not looking forward to Avengers vs X-Men and I agree I can't say I feel anyway about because I have been let down by many event's lately but I'm going to simply reserve judgement till it arrives and just ignore it knowing that more than likely no lasting event will happen in the story. However I honestly can't hold in my hope that Marvel will do a reboot of their own merging the current universe with the ultimate one creating new unique spins on old characters and flooding the stories with brand new amazing characters.

This is only a fantasy and I know more than likely it won't happen but what can I say a guy can dream. Still I feel that at some point soon Marvel will do something that will make us no longer question the sanity of the writer for years to come. We can read about a world where there are fewer X-Men teams and Avengers teams and Wolverine and Spider-Man don't have to appear in every single comic out there. :) lol

"There can be only one" and until they realize thats a lie they're just going to get stronger

This has always been a changing and flowing industry and the point of both companies being rivals is that they fuel each other and make each other try to out do the other going back and forth and the result is just great stories for the readers to enjoy.

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