Religions of Comic Book Characters

I am putting together a list of comic book characters and there religions.  The ones that I know are, as follows: 
Daredevil: Catholic 
Nightcrawler: Catholic 
Mr. Terrific: Atheist 
As you can see, my knowledge is limited.  Does anyone know more?


Something Annoying Happened To Me

Recently, my grandparents came to see my family.  When they came,  I was on my computer reading Watchmen.   My grandmother came over, and asked me what  I was doing.  I replied that I was reading Watchmen, a very good graphic novel which is widely considered to be literature.  She looked at it, then said, "It looks like cartoons.  That's not literature."   I was aghast as she walked away.   I mean, the book was considered one of the best books of all time by Time.  This experience has made me realize how misinformed people are.   It makes me sad, and it sickens me. 
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