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The Tragedy of James Howlett 0

I remember when this first came out. I was very skeptical about them revealing Wolverine's origin. I thought they were going to ruin the character. To me, part of the fun about Wolverine was all the mystery that surrounded his origins. Marvel was about to take that away. I thought it was an incredibly stupid move to release this mini-series. Then I read it.This is one of the best stories that Marvel has ever come out with, in my humble opinion. This isn't a story filled with superheroes, supervi...

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Bludhaven go boom... 0

The Story: A man named Dudley Soames, a former Bludhaven Cop who became the supervillain named Torque after his head was rotated 180 degrees, has a gun he got from Intergang that makes really big explosions. He stands on one of the top floors of the Justice Center (which, from what I gather, is what they call Bludhaven's police HQ) with a hostage: Inspector Arnot. Meanwhile, Dick Grayson arrives on the scene stuck in his police uniform (as he is a rookie member of the Bludhaven police). Dick Gra...

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Good, but a bit overrated in my opinion. 0

Plot: It is April Fool's Day in Gotham. The inmates of Arkham Asylum take over the asylum and hold the staff hostage. They will let the hostages go if Batman goes in there to join them. While inside Arkham, Batman questions his own sanity and must come to terms with those questions of his sanity as he battles through his extensive rogues gallery.  It was a very interesting read. It was a pretty good Batman story, but it wasn't my favorite. I didn't really like Batman's portrayal in the story, ...

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