My Picks From the New 52

I've posted different variations of my picks in a couple of different places in this site already, but I have changed them slightly once again. Therefore, I decided to write my first blog in order to list my picks and why I'm picking them.
1. Batman- I loved Scott Snyder's run on Detective and can't wait to see what he does with the real Batman.
2. Batman and Robin- I liked Tomasi's previous 3 issue arc on Batman and Robin and am willing to give this title a shot.
3. Nightwing- Nightwing has always been one of my favorite characters. I've always loved how they matured Dick Grayson from Robin into being a more independent hero (though he'll always be a part of the Bat-family).
4. Batgirl- I would have rather them brought Cassandra Cain back as Batgirl, but I like Barbara Gordon and have read that Simone does the best Babs stories, so I'm going to give this title a shot.
5. Teen Titans- I'm going to pick up this title mostly because it is the only one right now featuring Red Robin (which, as with Nightwing, I love how they matured Tim Drake into being a more independent hero). I also liked a lot of the X-Men stories that Scott Lobdell did in the 90s, and I am holding out hope that they re-introduce Raven into this title at some point.
6. GL: New Guardians- Kyle Rayner has always been my favorite GL, so I will most likely at least try this for a while. I had thought about getting Geoff Johns' Green Lantern comic too, but I decided that, if it got good reviews, I would probably just follow that in the trades like I have been doing with the rest of his run. (I am still pretty far behind in it. The last Green Lantern trade that I read was Agent Orange).
7. Justice League- This looks like it will be a fun book to read.
8. Justice League Int'l- This also looks like a fun book, reminiscent of Justice League Europe that came out back in  the early 90s.
9. Wonder Woman- I have never collected any Wonder Woman comics before, but I like the character well enough and loved Azzarello's Flashpoint Batman tie-in, and I also love mythology. Therefore, I shall give this book a chance.

Posted by Trodorne

Interesting list, I would invest in part of this list. some characters i never cared. but still good list

Posted by saturnssailor

Out of all of yours I have only definitely decided on one: Teen Titans (Tim is my favorite DC character) .
I'm a bit worried that Batgirl is just going to lose the last 20 years of her story which was what really made me like her.  

Posted by fps_dean

My top picks will be the same but maybe in a diff order.

Posted by spidermonkey2099
@fps_dean: I actually didn't put them in order of preference. I just went through the Bat-books that I wanted first, and then the other titles that I wanted as I thought of them. If I were to put them in order of preference it would probably look something more like this:
1.  Batman
2. Justice League
3. Batman and Robin
4. GL: New Guardians
5. Nightwing
6. Teen Titans
7. Batgirl
8.  Justice League Int'l
9. Wonder Woman
Posted by fps_dean

Well that's fine either way, I was thinking of doing the same anyway.

Posted by The Lobster

I'm only getting....
Justice League Dark and Swamp Thing. 
I might pick up Catwoman and Grifter if they get good reviews.