Batman and Hugo Strange

I finished reading Batman: Prey a while ago, and I really enjoyed it. I've not read many stories involving Hugo Strange, but I'd say that this is easily the best of the comics that I've read.

While browsing through Batman graphic novels and trades (which I often do), I've come across another popular Batman tale featuring Hugo Strange called Batman and the Monster Men, based on the 1940s story that introduced Strange. I was just curious which most people think the better story is, Prey or Monster Men? Also, did Monster Men knock Prey out of continuity (at least Pre-Flashpoint continuity)?

Posted by Veshark

Gah, I haven't read either but I really should get around to both. I've read great reviews for both, and Batman's earlier career is always a fascinating thing to explore. Another one that people always recommend is Batman: Venom.

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@veshark: Yeah, Legends of the Dark Knight was always one of my favorite ongoing comic book series. I actually read Venom recently too, and it is really good (I got the trades for both Prey and Venom at the same time). Love Dennis O'Neil's Batman.

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Yeah, I actually thought those two would be out-of-print by now, but I recently found both trades at a bookstore. I contemplated picking Prey up, but I was in a more Cap mood then, and ended up buying Death of Cap instead. I really need to get to them soon.

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Monster Men is dang good,I prefer it to Prey but I think Prey is the better written story.