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I'm not in any way opposed to that idea, but just wondering... why not Shepard?

Oh and an Idea: movie staring a young David Anderson that goes from First Contact War to his Spectre candidacy and his relationship with Saren, the climax being that mission that went sour where Saren stopped Anderson from becoming a Spectre.

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Hypothetically there should be restriction or close watch and monitoring of superheroes to make sure they don't fall out of line, but even that kind of surveillance would have to be super well kept and really under wraps so that they won't be exposed to their enemies. That way, they can be held accountable for potential crimes and can be trusted because we can see what they're doing. Different heroes can be assigned to different areas of be given assignments from SHIELD and given assistance via surveillance of villain activity.

But anyways, Registration was a step too far. Tony basks in public knowledge of who he is and he lives in a highly secure place of residence. Not all heroes have that. A lot of the others live in apartments and small suburban houses and the streets and can't afford to be publicly known because it'd put their loved ones in danger.

Steve's reaction may have seemed a bit extreme but as it was previously stated; the American Government was seriously violating their rights and SHIELD went WAY too far and was forcing itself upon America as a potential Tyrranical force of "justice". Also, recruiting villains was an absurdly idiotic idea. All things considered, Steve was in the right but Tony wasn't necessarily wrong, just inconsiderate.

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I train in Tae Kwon Do and Jujitsu I'd say they suit me. Tae Kwon Do is probably the one that suits me best.

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Also ComicCon is cool so far... So there's that

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It's been a long time ComicVine

What's on my mind you ask?












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So hey, I used to go on here a lot but this is my last post in like 2 years... So yeah, just thought that was important to state. I've missed you Comicvine.

Anyways, I recently got into mass effect and started hypothesizing as to how a Mass Effect movie series could be made. The series is, after all, incredibly cinematic. The difficulty lies in the massive amount of storytelling and the huge world that would have to be compressed. I feel like each game should be split into two movies to fully capture the character interactions and immersive world in an unrushed fashion.

Then there's the bigE: what Shepard will this be? Will he be an impulsive Renegade "get to the point" soldier, or a considerate, inspiring "by the book" type? I think when it all comes down to it, you need a mix of the two. Every person's Shepard is different and overall, a movie incarnation should embody a little bit of each side of him, fluctuating with the story.

So, assuming this, Feel free to share your:

-Dreamcasts (don't worry I'm not demanding your old sega consoles)

-Movie focus points (you know, the parts of the game that HAVE to be in there that maybe aren't "core plot" but are good for character etc)

-Dream Directors

-What choices you would have for the movie and how that would impact the plot

-2 Romantic Interests (2 to make it interesting)

Also how would you include Femshep or would you?


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Hmmm... interesting, I'll be looking forward to this

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At long last! Well, it's been interesting Otto.

Welcome back Peter Parker. Good luck cleaning up your ruin of a life!

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