Movie Insight: Hidden Secrets From the Avengers Complex!

MCU cosmic cube

Hey so if you've been keeping up with Marvel studios and have already watched the films in the Avengers complex you have probably noticed some unexpected details, relationships, and (most notably) objects that tie the Marvel Universe together. However, some are not so easy to see. You may have to watch one of the movies over and over again before you notice it. These are the two connections I will be making that many of you may not have noticed. Lets start with Thor.

In Thor, when Erik Selvig is talking to Jane on the roof about SHIELD, he speaks of an "expert in gamma radiation" who was taken by SHIELD and never seen again. By now you've probably already understood that that man is Bruce Banner. Did Erik know him well? Will they bring this up in the Avengers or not?

This second hidden message is the real big one that hasn't really at all been talked about. In Iron Man 2, Tony discovers the "new element" that his dad had been working on all his life. This new element is now used to power Tony's suit. Now, If you've seen Captain America: The First Avenger, you know that Howard Stark is in it. At the very end, the military and Howard manage to acquire it after the ship crashes. It glows bright blue, was incredibly unstable and hard to concentrate, and had never been seen before. The bit of it that he studied earlier was incredibly volatile.

Now he had his hands on the whole thing and was studying probably like mad. Who knows how long he could've been doing that? That could have secretly been say... his life's work. Obviously at some point SHIELD had to keep it in custody themselves but was this the "new element" from IM2? Was Howard trying to harness it's power for good with his city of the future? If Tony has now discovered it and is using it to power his suit then what does this mean for the Avengers? Would he become incredibly unstable or have a mysterious connection to Loki's new toy? Only time will tell. Make sure to look out for these in " the Avengers"

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