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Hey G-Man and his amazing friends long time since ive listened due to a new job holidays and then moving, but 8 months later im back listening!! still been keeping up with the comics of course. Just a comment to Corey my girlfriend thinks your comments during the podcast are hilarious even though she doesn't listen to the podcast regularly. My question for all y'all is I often talk to people about comic books that don't read comic books but were into the cartoons or knew the characters as kids, for the most part people who don't know comics often say is the X-men are their favorite team/ characters sometimes going so far as to say other comic books are dumb. Why do non- comic readers maybe relate to the X-Men a little a bit more?

For your knowledge Tony I am going back 8 months and listening to all the old podcasts switching back to the current ones as they come out -- hope that helps keep up the great work and so excited to be back listening!

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Doc Ock's gonna get in Carnage's brain too..

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Here's hoping for Tim Drake!!

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Greetings Master G-Man,

Because you guys are are always talking about good Superman stories, I watched "Superman: Red Son" (motion comic) and "All Star Superman" (animated film) to save time, my questions are...

1.How closely do these compare to the original comics?

2.What are the advantages/disadvantages to telling a comic book story in these genre's (motion comic and animated film)

3.What is your opinion on animated film based on comics and motion comics?

4.Why are these stories stories so definitive to Superman's character?

5.What makes a story definitive to a character?

6.On an unrelated topic who are you most excited to play as in Injustice: Gods Among Us

7.Does the image below make the geek in you cry?

Sorry for so many questions I know you're quite busy and may the force be with you.


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1.Mary-Jane Watson

2. Catwoman

3. Kitty Pryde

4. Blink (AoA and Exiles)

5. Jean Grey

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Hola! G-G-G-Man,

You talked about Kyle Rayner gaining all the Lantern rings and their abilities on the podcast with Ryan Stegman, I don't follow Green Lantern too closely but im interested on the idea of the spectrum. My question is what is the difference in powers between the rings since I can't seem to find a definitive answer. Which is your Favorite color? Which is the most powerful? If you have a guest, assign eachother which power ring you would give the other person


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Hello G- You-Da-Man!!

Assuming everyone absolutely despises the new identity of the Superior Spiderman, who in your opinion would have made a better choice or who would you like to see become the next Spiderman?

In my opinion I think it should have been Batman.. no not Bruce Wayne, Just Batman.

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Heeeeeey there G-Maestro!!

Love the podcast with Kyle Higgins the other day, and convinced me to keep buying the book. Since im on the topic of Nightwing I wanted to ask who you think would win in a fight Daredevil Or Nightwing in there current versions.

I realize you answered this question recently but I would love to see you go into detail as to pros and cons for each character because I believe these characters are very similiar in weapon choice, fighting style, and even their strength level.. Thanx for your time!

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Batman #15

Amazing Spiderman 699.1

Scarlet Spider #12

Cable and the X-Force #1 (going to try it since it's a small week for me and I love Colossus)

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