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Very interesting. We're definitely going to agree to disagree on a lot of points. You don't find the character appealing? That's your opinion and I respect that. However, to say that people disagreeing with you is wrong is just closed-minded as opinions are at best subjective. I'm not going to beat you over the head with the whole "he's making the hard choices/ savior of mutant-kind" schtick as it seems that doing as such would be fairly redundant, however, I do feel the need to clarify a few things. Not so much to change your opinion but to state what we do share opinions on and vice verse.

The event only interest because it's X-Men oriented and features one of my favorite comic book characters that being Cyclops. I've been on other forums where some have stated their disapproval of Cyclops actions in the AvX#1 whereas others have actually praised him. I agree that his actions are a bit extreme but given recent events, Cap showing up with Helicarriers, MRD, and the sort while allowing for their minds((unknowingly, mind you...)) to be probed made their intentions clear. The Avengers were there to take Hope and there was no intention of discussion and so I can understand Cyclops actions and don't harbor in ill-will towards him. I don't condone either side, however, both sides are acting irrationally.

As for the whole Scott Summers is a jerk, dick, douche, whatever, say what you will , however, at the end of the day most respected leaders aren't seen as nice. When have you ever heard of any of leaders being well-liked?

As for X-Factor, Scott was put into a tough situation. He was forced to resign as leader, unhappily married, and obviously hadn't gotten over Jean's death. Suddenly, he receives a phone call that he's first love is alive and kicking, mind you, Warren and the group called Cykes because they wanted him to come back and lead as well as a return to the days of old. If they had any lick of sense then they would've explained everything to Jean in regards to Scott and his marriage. They knew what they were doing by purposefully withholding information. And for the record, Jean didn't have her telepathy and only discovered Scott's secret due to finding a photo of Madelyn and Nathan. It's not as though he hadn't tried to cotact his family, however, Sinister erased all trace of the pair. It's really a situation where no one is in the right. Scott could've approached the whole situation a lot better, fine. However, Warren, Nathan, and Hank were all in on keeping Scott's secret so they're not innocent either. Jean's just as bad for even admitting that had she still possessed her telepathy that she would've forcibly read Scott's mind.

Astonishing X-Men is a fantastic read and gives great portrayals of the featured characters, however, where we disagree is that Xavier found him pathetic. Given how close the two are and even with Xavier's shady actions over the years, Xavier has always seen Scott as his most promising student and even regard him as a son. If nothing else, it a ruse done to get Scott to realize the lack of control over his abilities was self-induced rather than due to injury.((however, since Marvel doesn't seem to acknowledge Whedon's run then there's no telling how much water those story arcs hold nowadays...)) If nothing else, it did get Scott back to his roots but it's quite unfortunate that Marvel didn't agree with the direction that Whedon had chosen.

If nothing else, I don't agree one hundred percent with the new direction that Marvel is taking with Scott. It seems as though, yes, he's being made to look like the next Magneto in order to elevate both Wolverine and Captain America(( a character, let's face it, whom no one really cared about until Civil War.)) And as you've stated, the same thing was done to Tony Stark and then lop Steve Rogers death on top and now Tony is made into a Grade-A D-Bag while Cap dies a martyr. I doubt Marvel will even afford Scott Summers that dignity. In a perfect world, Schism wouldn't have happened, nor Civil War, and every character would get a fair portrayal but alas that's not going to happen from the looks of things but I wouldn't be so pessimistic about the whole ordeal either. If nothing else, I agree that writers have been dragging Scott's name in the mud for quite some time but I've a feeling that this story won't be so cut and dry.

Mother F@#King Agreed. Cyclops FTW!
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Nightwing runs through em all

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Can I be both?

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I think Cyclops will be coming back to his 90s persona

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@The Dark Huntress said:
Cyclops is the definitive X-Man. X-teams without Cyclops as leader (or overseer) are always terrible. No Cyclops, no X-Men. You don't put him on the Avengers. It just doesn't work.
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Leave Cyclops Alone!!
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Im taking Dick and Damian. Bruce has never beaten Dick after he became Nightwing and they fought twice and Dick has gotten better since then. Dick's speed and agility will pose a problem and Dick quite the tactician just like Bruce but Dick will use teamwork with Damian to his advantage while Bruce will most likely take them alone like he always does. Tim could take Lil D though. But as a team I'm with the Double D's

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