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Posted by Aronmorales

I think I'd like to be an Avenger, although the League does have Green Lantern...
Posted by batmanary

I'd be a Titan... I'm still a teen and you've got to admit it would be awesome to have a crash pad to go anytime...

Posted by Nuec_Sol

X-Man. They have a awsome cast.


i am an x-man...now and forever

Posted by PowerHerc

Limited to these choices, I have to say an Avenger first and in the JLA next. 
If I could join any group at all it'd have to be the Olympian Gods.  To exist at the peak of my youth and strength for all eternity has it's appeal. 

Posted by Agent9149

X-men they seem to have the most fun

Posted by thatlad

simply because I'd like to instigate a smackdown between all wolverine's ex-partners 
shadowcat, jubilee, x-23 etc. 
just because i can

Posted by MatKrenz

Id go with the JLA just to become a member of the JLI.
Posted by HellionVulcan

I'd rather be Nate grey aka X-man lol .

Posted by Theworldbreaker

Avenger!! i'd love to fight along side Thor and Cap, or hulk if they would bring him back to the team (But we all know that will never happen...f***ing cop outs) we should have an option to make our own characters for these teams.
Posted by chriskiller1991

I would be an Avenger because I could hang with hulk thor spider ironman and wolverine and maybe capt. that is the true avengers
Posted by Girth

An X-Man. I would love to live on Utopia.

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Avenger for sure then X-men

Posted by darkcloakx

 avenger to fight with them and hookup with ms. marvel

Posted by Xavier St. Cloud

JLA... Watchtower FTW... Wonder Woman would be so sick of me after a week... Hell alot of the girls would be. I would be their little fanboy.
Posted by Comiclove5

An X-Man. 
Love to be hated, and proving people wrong.

Posted by Blue Son

Avenger...definitly an Avenger they're they're partically government funded, have great benefits and pay, Ms. Marvel is pure hotness....
Posted by Deadcool
Posted by Backflip

Yeah, getting payed would be nice. You know, also being part of the Strongest team of earth is always a bonus, so Avenger would be a lovely pick
But in all fairness, the fanboy in me would like to be an X-Men.

Posted by EdwardWindsor

Avenger so i could hang with Thor

Posted by ComicMan24


Posted by Xavier St. Cloud
@ComicMan24 said:
"Leaguer. "

High Five! 
See you on the Watchtower.
Posted by God_Spawn

x-man, livin just outside san fran would be sick, all work and no play makes GS a dull boy and plenty of beach bumming would fix that.
Posted by davelecave

Avenger for sure.  Nice set up in New York, gov't pay, legendary heroes by your side, and of course getting to yell "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE" every once in a while.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Um X-men or JLA, but realy it would be the secret six or MI:13

Posted by Black Lantern Mar-vell

JLA, I need to have Zatanna teach me magic AND wrap her fishnets around me.  Also want a chance to convince Hal, Guy, John, or Kyle to duplicate me a power ring.  There's also the chance to have Batman teach me some basic martial arts while I'm hanging out in the watchtower and playing practical jokes with Plastic man.

Posted by Ms. Omega
LMAO Poor Spidey
Posted by jubilee042
@thatlad: wolvie's sidekick smackdown nice jubilee is the best sidekick for him
Posted by weaponxxx

Probably Avenger, Titan, Leaguer then X-man. 
I'd be racially oppressed as an X-man, I'd be in over my head as a Leaguer, I'd be set up of a sidekick playdate as a Titan and I'd be happy as an Avenger.

Posted by Loki9876


Posted by Video_Martian

TITAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Posted by ThaMessenger07

It would depend on my powers. If none then I would just stay away from all of them. 

Posted by JediXMan

X-Man. The X-Men have always been my favorite group.

Posted by BuddyBulson

X-man, they have cooler teams to join

Posted by TheGoldenOne
@davelecave said:
" Avenger for sure.  Nice set up in New York, gov't pay, legendary heroes by your side, and of course getting to yell "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE" every once in a while. "
Posted by John Valentine


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Titans, it would be like a superpowered fraternity
Posted by Video_Martian
Good Choice ;D
Posted by Wise Son

X-men forever.

Posted by cpt_linger

I think the X-men would give financial security so I'll stick with them
Posted by ReVamp

1. JLA 
2. XMEN 
3. Avengers 
4. Titans
Posted by CaptainRodgers

Probably Avengers however i'd get on much better with the titan bunch , the avengers are all really old and serious , only Spidey would be fun
Posted by McKenzie

I'd be an avenger, but i'd want to be a new avenger. kicking it with luke cage and doc strange sounds better then listening to steve and tony bicker like an old married couple. plus, fighting next to Thor would make me feel like a pathetic wuss.

Edited by Oddity

A JLA member on the current team. Supergirl, Donna Troy, Jade and Jesse Quick. My competition is Dick Grayson, a gorilla and Starman who is gay. The female to heterosexual human male ratio is looking nice.    

Posted by Atari_Graphics

I dont know enough about the Titans so for me its a toss up between the X-men and JL. I wouldnt consider the Avengers cause I think Tony's a prick and I would hate to work for the Gov. Thats not my style at all. 
X Men would be dope cause Ive had a thing for Jubilee since forever and if shes off doing vampire stuff I could probably meet a bunch of other cool chicks. Plus I love San Francisco. 
The JL would be a dream come true but Batman is kind of intimidating so that makes me a bit apprehensive.  
Maybe the Titans is for me and I just dont know it. 

Posted by ValendianKnight

JLA member without a doubt.  With classic trinity of course.

Posted by buttersdaman000


Posted by KingSolomon
cant help but look at that and feel sorry for spiderman... lol
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Leaguer, they pay best, got teleporters, one of the lowest death rate, space base...
- not X-man because even if it the coolest team, having Cyclops as a boss is just ... no, also the new guys have a tendency to die... a lot.

Posted by Manchine

Avenger or JLA its a tough call.
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